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December 2020

Tuesday 8 December 2020
Savant Core Training
£30 + VAT

Geared towards installers and programmers, Savant basic training includes hands-on training systems with a full complement of equipment.

This 2-day course is intended for technical people and covers the core skills needed to design and program control systems using RacePoint Blueprint® design tool. The course combines interactive classroom training with real world lab exercises allowing you to get comfortable working with Savant tools in a short period of time.

Day 1:
- Networking requirements and setup
- System details
- Apple® Remote Desktop (ARD)
- iPad TrueCommand App configuration
- Building and customising UI screens
- Custom popovers
- Data tables
- Lab exercises

Day 2:
- Media Server
- Modifying Profiles
- Advanced RacePoint BluePrint® features
- Lab Exercises

All candidates must have met with a Savant Field Sales Executive, attended the Savant Intro Training VC and complete four online modules with a score of 80% or higher on each test

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Thursday 10 December 2020
Become a Smart Home Technology Integrator
£30 + VAT

New to our 2019/20 training programme is our ‘Become a Smart Home Technology Integrator’ course, which is designed to help those that are new to the industry or looking to expand their knowledge base. This brand-new course overviews the principle topics that every new integrator needs to know about, including AV Distribution, Lighting, Networking and Control. With a great emphasis put on hands-on demonstrations and real-world configurations, the course aims to give potential customers a taste of what is possible, explain many of the considerations they need to make before they start, describe some of the pitfalls to look out for along the way and introduce them to higher-level training and support they can expect from RGB.

Location: RGB Head Office,
2 Labourn Business Park,
Lambourne Woodlands,
RB17 7RY

Login or call 01488 73366 to book. Places are limited to a strict first come first served basis.

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Tuesday 15 December 2020
Savant Intro Training VC
£0 + VAT

The Savant Introduction training is a 2-hour video conference with Sales Director Andy Atwell that will cover the following:
What is Savant?
Who are Savant?
Why Choose Savant?
The Video Conference will start at 10.00am GMT
On the day and time of the event please use this link to access the video conference
Use your name as the user name.

Please email to book your place

To book this course, please e-mail Katie Kennedy.

Tuesday 15 December 2020
Savant KNX Integration- Tech Bites Training Series
£0 + VAT

Learn how to import load schedules and configure Integration between Savant and KNX Systems.

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