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March 2021

Tuesday 9 March 2021
Savant Core Training
£50 + VAT

Geared towards installers and programmers, Savant basic training includes hands-on training systems with a full complement of equipment.

This 4-day online course is intended for technical people and covers the core skills needed to design and program control systems using RacePoint Blueprint® design tool. The course combines interactive classroom training with real world lab exercises allowing you to get comfortable working with Savant tools in a short period of time.

Day 1: Core Programming
System Architecture
Hosts and Licensing
The Savant User Experience
The Blueprint configuration process
Service generation
Building and deploying a single-room project

Day 2: Multiroom Systems
Matrix Switching overview
Traditional matrix switching
IP Video
IP Audio
Savant Music

Day 3: Environmental Integration
Overview of Integrate-able environmental services
Savant Lighting
3rd-Party lighting
Climate (HVAC)
Other services: Entry, CCTV, door locks/garage doors, alarms, pool & spa

Day 4: Advanced Programming
System Monitor
Custom Workflows
Pro App Custom Screens
Custom Profile usage

All candidates must have met with a Savant Field Sales Executive, attended the Savant Intro Training VC and complete four online modules with a score of 80% or higher on each test.

8 spaces available

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Tuesday 9 March 2021
Savant Zoom Rooms & Automation
£0 + VAT

Zoom Rooms & Automation | March 9 at 4pm GMT
Join the Savant team for a deep dive of everything Automation from our recent Integrator Summit, including the just-released integration with Zoom Rooms. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the Home Office inside the Savant
Experience Center, and see how automation is shaping the future.

Sorry, you must be Savant Accredited to book this course.

Thursday 11 March 2021
Savant Smart Living
£0 + VAT

Smart Living | March 11 at 4pm GMT
Join the Savant team for a detailed Smart Living review including the next generation of Savant App personalisation. This is your opportunity to learn more about the exciting platform of today, as well as the roadmap ahead.

Sorry, you must be Savant Accredited to book this course.

Tuesday 16 March 2021
Savant Intro Training (March 2021)
£0 + VAT

The Savant Introduction training is a 2-hour video conference with Sales Director Andy Atwell that will cover the following:
What is Savant?
Who are Savant?
Why Choose Savant?
The Video Conference will start at 10.00am GMT

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Wednesday 17 March 2021
An Introduction to Kramer Control
£0 + VAT

Wednesday 17th March, @ 10.30 am BST
Kramer Control is the go-to control solution for many integrators, due to its ease of configuration and simple scalability. Join us for a technical overview of Kramer Control, and an introduction to designing a system. This webinar is the perfect pre-cursor to the Kramer Academy certification on Kramer Control.

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Wednesday 31 March 2021
Kramer AV Fundamentals
£0 + VAT

Wednesday 31st March, @ 10.30 am BST

In this webinar we talk about the core AV technologies that you're likely to come across as an integrator. We focus on the different types of technologies used, and the considerations involved when adding them into a design. This aims to guide you through the Kramer product range and demystify some of the terms used in AV.

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