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September 2019

Tuesday 10 September 2019
Middle Atlantic Integrating the Rack - CEDIA CEU Accredited
£30 + VAT

CEDIA CEU Accredited, 6 hours, 3 CEU's

This one day course provides installers with the skills they need to design and specify racks to meet the user's expectations for a neat, working system.

•Introduction - History of Middle Atlantic Products, Rack Facts
•Physical Considerations - Loading the rack, rear-hanging, transporting
•Middle Atlantic Products - Welded Racks, "Knock-down" Racks, Slide out, Wall Mount
•Cable Management - Cable entry methods, interior cable management
•Thermal Management - Practical methods for keeping your rack cool

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Wednesday 11 September 2019
ClearOne Freelance Programmer (Advanced) Training Day
£30 + VAT

ClearOne Freelance Programmer (Advanced) Training Day - Wednesday 11th September


09:30-10:00 - House keeping and Introduction - Mark Turtle
10:00-11:00 - Broad Brush Product Overview - Dave Gledhill
11:15-13:00 - Technical Training - Mark Ryan/Adam Watts
13:00-14:00 - Lunch
14:00-15:00 - Video Conference with Senior Tech Support @ ClearOne
15:00-15:15 - Coffee break
15:15-16:00 - Closing Remarks - Dave Gledhill

Each participant will receive a long term loan of a ClearOne Converge Pro 2 DSP 48T

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Monday 16 September 2019
Savant Intro Training VC
£0 + VAT

The Savant Introduction training is a 2-hour video conference with Sales Director Andy Atwell that will cover the following:
What is Savant?
Who are Savant?
Why Choose Savant?
The Video Conference will start at 10.00am GMT.
Please fill in the attached form and return it too
If you have any queries, please contact Katie Kennedy on +44 (0)1488 649340
On the day and time of the event please use this link to access the video conference
Use your name as the user name.

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Tuesday 17 September 2019
ClearOne Technical & Product Specialist
£30 + VAT

Building on ClearOne Basic Product Training, the Technical Specialist Training introduces you to the ClearOne's installed audio products offerings.
After completing the training course, successful attendees will be able to:

•Configure ClearOne installed audio products including the new Converge Pro product line
•Quickly and confidently install ClearOne equipment, which will save you time and money
•Get better performance from your ClearOne systems
•Better explain the performance of ClearOne products
•Easily integrate ClearOne products with AV control systems
•Effectively troubleshoot ClearOne equipment

NB You will need to bring a windows compatible laptop and external mouse is strongly recommended. Please ensure that your laptop has the latest version of Converge Console.

This is a free download from the ClearOne website - and select Downloads and Release Notes.

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Thursday 19 September 2019
Networking & Wi-Fi for AV Systems - CEDIA CEU Accredited
£30 + VAT

This one-day course provides an introduction to Ethernet wired networks and Wi-Fi wireless networks. It is aimed at technical people wishing to learn about networks for AV systems and the design and setup considerations needed to make installations more effective.

Please note that this is not a product specific hands-on training course but it does contain a wealth of practical tips and advice.

09:45 Arrival and Coffee.
10:00 Basic Network Terms and Technology.
Network Components and what they do.
Network Cabling.
13:00 Lunch.
14:00 Network Configuration.
Streaming Media considerations.
Wi-Fi Setup, Security and Interference.
Wi-Fi Site Survey & where to place WAPs
Introduction to ZigBee Mesh Networks.
Introduction to Ethernet over Powerline.
16:30 Course evaluation.
16:45 Course ends.

Students are assumed to have little or no knowledge of networks, but familiarity with using a web browser to configure products will be useful.

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop PC so they can install the suggested Wi-Fi site survey software but it is not essential for the rest of this course.

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Wednesday 25–Thursday 26 September 2019
Savant Core Training (2 Day Course)
£30 + VAT

Geared towards installers and programmers, Savant basic training includes hands-on training systems with a full complement of equipment.

This 2-day course is intended for technical people and covers the core skills needed to design and program control systems using RacePoint Blueprint® design tool. The course combines interactive classroom training with real world lab exercises allowing you to get comfortable working with Savant tools in a short period of time.

Day 1:
- Networking requirements and setup
- System details
- Apple® Remote Desktop (ARD)
- iPad TrueCommand App configuration
- Building and customising UI screens
- Custom popovers
- Data tables
- Lab exercises

Day 2:
- Media Server
- Modifying Profiles
- Advanced RacePoint BluePrint® features
- Lab Exercises

In order to be eligible for the Savant basic 2-day training course, all candidates must complete four online courses and score 80% or higher on each test to qualify.

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