Video Card - Video processing output module

Video Card - Video processing output module


VOM-VP02H is a video processing and scaling service module used in Savant modular Matrix Switchers and controllers with the identical video processing and scaling features of the VOM-VPS2. Moreover, the VOM-VP02H drives Savants award-winning On-Screen Display (OSD) technology, an On-TV Menu System overlaid over live video up to 1080p. The VOM-VP02H includes two integrated broadcast-quality video processors outputting HD video up to 1080p60 to two displays or projectors. The multifunctional design provides video processing and scaling, coupled with a revolutionary user interface. Up to six VOM-VP02Hs can be added to the MSC-24SE platform. The SVR-3000 can drive two OSD video overlays up to 1080p. Video scaling features include aspect ratio: anamorphic and panoramic full screen, pillar box and more. Video processing features include: hue, saturation, brightness, contrast (HSBC) and noise reduction.

Features & Benefits

  • HDMI™ 1.3: (2) ports with locking HDMI connectors
  • 2 HDMI inputs for inputting Mac® graphics
  • Drives 2 OSD User Interfaces (video overlays) per VOM-VP02H
  • Single SVR-3000 drives two OSD video overlays up to 1080p
  • Video resolutions up to 1080p60 or 1920x1200, and WUXGA@60Hz
  • Two integrated video processors and scalars
  • HDCP 1.3: Decryption of content protected (audio and video)
  • Incorporates adaptive mosquito noise reduction, block artifact and temporal noise reduction
  • Hue, Saturation, Brightness and Contrast (HSBC) control
  • Aspect Ratio: Anamporphic and Panoramic full screen and pillar box