Video Card - SmartView Tiling Dual Port Output Module

Video Card - SmartView Tiling Dual Port Output Module


The Savant VOM-SV02 is a multi-window video processing module that enables our SmartView Video Tiling solutions. Each VOM-SV02 module delivers two high-definition video tiles. Up to nine tiling views - supporting various screen layouts - can be shown simultaneously on a single display. The VOM-SV02 includes two integrated broadcast-quality video processors, and distributes video and audio via HDMI. The VOM-SV02 is the key tiling component of the Savant SmartView Tiling Solutions. It is also offered in SmartView Tiling bundles providing four-tile, six-tile or nine-tile viewing options (see SVT-004T, SVT-006T and SVT-009T). The SmartView Tiling Solutions are elegantly controlled using Savant’s award-winning TrueControl App for the iPad®. Customise your viewing experience in real-time by utilising familiar Apple gestures to expand, contract, and position your screens. In addition, the VOM-SV02 can also be added to an existing Savant SmartMediaPro system to enable SmartView Tiling.

Features & Benefits

  • Switches HD sources between up to nine windows in various 1080p display configurations
  • Two HDMI outputs with locking HDMI connectors
  • Two HDMI inputs for inputting graphics or tiling via daisy chain
  • Video resolutions up to 1920 x 1080p at 60 Hz
  • Two integrated video processors and scalars
  • HDCP: supports encryption and decryption of content protected
  • Incorporates adaptive mosquito noise reduction, block artefact and temporal noise reduction
  • Hue, Saturation, Brightness and Contrast (HSBC) control, and Frame Rate Conversion
  • Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic and Panoramic full screen and pillar box