IP Video Single Input Transmitter 4K UHD with Control - Copper

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IP Video Single Input Transmitter 4K UHD with Control - Copper


The single input delivers the same video performance of the inputs on the PAV-VIM8/4S in a stand alone format. Video comes in with pristine clarity with zero frame latency. The integrated video processor and scalar delivers unmatched, immersive viewing experience supporting the most popular video formats including 4K60 4:4:4 HDR. The built-in video scalar will seamlessly downscale sources to legacy HD displays. The ultra-high performance architecture delivers a scalable software-defined matrix. Simply add receiver endpoints as required.


Features & Benefits

  • 1 HDMI input with RJ45 connects to the 10Gb Network
  • Advanced Video Processing / Multi-Source Video Compositing
  • Built-in 4K60 4:4:4 scalar, downscales to 1080p or other resolutions
  • Includes analogue audio outputs, HDMI inputs must be set to PCM audio
  • Each input includes one IR and one RS232 control port (total of 4 IR and 4 RS232)
  • Additional 1Gigabit Ethernet Network Data Bandwidth, connect Any Ethernet Network Compliant Device. Shares the 10Gb network link with 1Gb of reserved bandwidth
  • Simple to configure, deploy and manage using Blueprint and System Monitor
  • Includes hardware for video processing and tiling to be added in a future release
  • Multiple units may be connected over the 10Gb network to scale the number of video inputs into the system