IP Audio 50 with Savant Music 2.0

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IP Audio 50 with Savant Music 2.0


IP Audio 50 is the corner stone of the IP audio suite is a go to for distributed audio application supporting 4 zones of 50W/ch 1 zone of RCA stereo out for connection to a higher powered amp and 1 optical out for use in zones with an AVR. This all-in-one package features built-in amplification, distribution, control, and a music server containing a single stream of Savant Music 2.0.

Features & Benefits

  • Enables 6 zones of audio switching: 4 zones of amplification at 50 watts per channel and 2 zones of pre-amp output (1 RCA and 1 Digital TosLink)
  • 4 Audio inputs (2 analog, 2 digital)
  • 4 IR ports
  • 2 RS-232 ports
  • Combine units with AVB switches for expansion to meet any job
  • 4 units with a Smart Host provides 18 total zones (16 amplified, 8 pre-amp) and 4 built in streams of Savant Music
  • 16 units with a Pro Host provides 96 total zones (64 amplified, 32 pre amp) and 16 built in streams of Savant Music
  • Flexible installation with options for rack, structured media, and credenza mounting