Trueimage Controller

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Trueimage Controller


Bring the magic and simplicity of TrueImage lighting to any third party supported lighting control system.
This new controller is available to add TrueImage support for third party lighting systems and allows for TrueImage control of up to 50 lighting loads from non-Savant Lighting systems. For systems over 50 loads, multiple TrueImage Controllers can be used to match the lighting system size.
Use photos to contol the lights throughout your home rather than confusing load lists. Our exclusive TrueImage technology delivers sophisticated lighting control with true-to-life images. Use the Savant Pro App to take photos of lighting in every room. Simply touch the image of the lights to adjust color and brightness in real time.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports up to 50 loads of lighting
  • Enables TrueImage user interface on the Savant Pro App, Touch in-wall control screens, and Savant Pro Remotes