Start Kit for DMX WRGB Strip Lighting

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Start Kit for DMX WRGB Strip Lighting


Savant's 5M WRGB kit comes with everything you need to do a WRGB strip install, including an accessory kit to allow you to do a professional lighting solution for under cabinets and other accent locations. Using WRGB strips unlocks the full potential of True Image through the Savant Pro App for the maximum customer experience.
NOTE: Requires a DMX controller for control, each DMX controller can control up to 32 strips or fixtures


Features & Benefits

  • Integrated DMX Driver & 80W Power Supply
  • Includes 5M of Indoor WRGB LED strips
  • Includes an accessory kit with 2 3-Way T Couplers, 6 Straight Couplers & 2 Jumpers