Door Station Display Module

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Door Station Display Module


9155036 is a Savant door station display module

Features & Benefits

  • Key Features:
  • The touch display for the 2N Helios IP Verso door intercom. This upmarket, four-inch LCD display captivates with its intuitive controls and search function. In additiona, it is resistant to watter and mechanical damage to the utmost, and is very easy to read, not only in total darkness, but even in direct sunlight.
  • Tree-structured phone book with capacity for up to 1999 contacts
  • Touch keypad for access code entry
  • During idle time can show a slideshow, e.g. the company logo
  • Scramble keypad to prevent onlookers from detecting the access code
  • Note:When integrated with the Savant Pro App no extensions are used so this requires addationl integration of a SIP based phone system