NK-1-CP up to 15APs + Unlimited Bakpak

NK-1-CP up to 15APs + Unlimited Bakpak


The NK-1 wireless controller serves as the command and coordination center of a network with multiple wireless access points (WAPs). With the NK-1, integrators are able to fine-tune their client’s wireless experiences with adaptive wireless technologies that unify the access points for a more reliable wireless environment, with fewer dead zones.

The NK-1 accomplishes wireless network performance optimization through a series of Pakedge adaptive wireless technologies and intelligent algorithms, including Pakedge TruStream®, Pakedge SectorMaxx®, Pakedge SmartWavTM , and Pakedge FluxxTM. These performance-enhancing technologies are managed through a very simple interface in the management menu and can be enabled in less than a minute.

**TruStream® uses QoS protocol to prioritize latency-sensitive AV and voice traffic for enhanced speed and seamless performance.*

**SmartWavTM minimizes channel interference by scanning for nearby wireless signals and adjusting the channels on access points accordingly.

**SectorMaxx® increases wireless range by changing the channel mode (20/40 MHz) based on the environment and is ideal for areas where coverage, not top speed, is a priority.*

**FluxxTM minimizes signal overlap on sites with multiple access points by adjusting the transmit power levels, making device handoffs significantly smoother.

When it comes to wireless network deployment and management, the NK-1 is an integrator’s best friend. With the Easy Wizard, the controller automatically detects access points, then collects the status of each, including configuration settings, firmware status, and health and performance statistics. When new configuration changes are made, it simplifies the task by pushing the changes to all connected access points.

With the NK-1 wireless controller, your networks are more secure and reliable. You can choose who has access to your network with advanced settings such as MAC Filtering to block suspicious devices, wireless scheduling to control when and which access points are broadcasting, and setting client limits to maintain wireless integrity. These features can double as parental controls as well—many families like to turn off the wireless in the children’s rooms after 9 p.m. or block devices their kids should not be using.

Thanks to the addition of Bakpak, these wireless management features and functions can be accomplished remotely. But more than just the wireless features, Bakpak allows integrators to monitor, configure, and manage entire connected environments. Rather than logging into countless devices to perform more tedious tasks, you can streamline and finish configuring and deploying systems all from one dynamic interface.

Bakpak supports many third-party manufacturers such as Middle Atlantic, Panamax, and more. Log in directly from Bakpak to configure and manage devices without keeping track of a list of IP addresses or doing any port forwarding. With the new Control4 integration, you can even monitor ZigBee and Z-Wave home automation devices.

Best of all, Bakpak is now free! Bakpak is included with the NK-1 wireless controllers at no extra cost—no subscriptions or licensing fees.

*Please note: TruStream and SectorMaxx cannot be active at the same time because they would counteract one another.

Features & Benefits

  • Wireless Controller Key Features
  • Supports up to 15 WAPs
  • Wireless network performance optimization with SmartWav, TruStream, SectorMaxx, and Fluxx
  • Easy Wizard rapid WAP deployment tool
  • Advanced wireless control with MAC Filtering, Client Limits, and Scheduling
  • Built-in Heat Map tool to assist with WAP placement Bakpak included, no subscription or licensing costs:
  • Cloud-based network monitoring and configuration
  • Alerts sent directly to phone, email, or SMS
  • Cloud-based firmware updates for all Pakedge devices
  • Comprehensive network status and health reporting
  • Access to any IP devices with web-based GUIs including third-party products
  • C4 integration allows monitoring to ZigBee and Z-Wave devices