1G SFP Fibre Module.

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1G SFP Fibre Module.


The Pakedge FM-1G-SM adapter is used to convert Gigabit copper to Fibre connections on Pakedge switches that contain SFP ports. Use FM-1G-SM for single-mode or multi-mode fibre connections. A variety of applications require maximum flexibility, you can have it with these connectors. Rich with features and robust design make these the ideal option for those using optical fibre connections through the SFP port.

Features & Benefits

  • Use in pairs with single mode fibre (yellow) or multi-mode fibre
  • Use LC connector for MMF
  • Ideal for cable runs >100m
  • Up to 20km
  • 1310nm
  • Immune to Electromagnetic Interference
  • Gigabit Speed Switch to Switch Interface
  • Gigabit Speed I/O for Media Server Applications