15Pin HD (Male - Bare End) Installation Cable With EDID 4.6M

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15Pin HD (Male - Bare End) Installation Cable With EDID 4.6M


Kramers new xl generation of C-GM cables offers the highest possible performance and a new configuration designed to give installers and users a new level of convenience and aesthetics. They are ideal for any application requiring no-compromise quality and performance in a VGA cable.


Features & Benefits

  • Quality Construction — Moulded male 15–pin HD connector installed on one end, and the corresponding RGBHV coaxes exposed, pre-stripped and tinned at the other end. Includes two additional wires to connect pins 12 and 15 for EDID support
  • Easy Installation — Pre–stripped and tinned conductors at the bare end provide the easiest possible installation of a 15–pin HD connector, or to the rear of a Kramer wall plate with terminal blocks. For typical 5 BNC installation, just cut and prepare the coaxes as usual for crimp or compression connectors on 26/28AWG mini coax4.6M