Switched and Outlet Metered DC PDU

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Switched and Outlet Metered DC PDU


Expert Power Control 8291-1 is a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) which allows switching and current measurement of electrical devices via a TCP/IP network or serial connection. Up to 21 AV and ICT devices can be connected to the unit. The special feature: Thanks to the integrated quality power supply unit, typical AC or DC consumers with different voltages and connection types can be supplied, measured and controlled: PCs, servers, monitors, amplifiers, routers, NAS, external drives etc.

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Features & Benefits

  • Expert Power Control 8291-1 disposes of the following switchable outlet connectors on the rear panel: 4x IEC C13 (230V AC) 4x terminal clamp (12V/24V DC configurable) 5x terminal clamp or 5x USB A (5V DC) Further benefit: Due to the integrated industrial power supply unit in Expert Power Control 8291-1, the space-consuming plug-in power supply units of the connected consumers can be discarded. The load outputs can each be switched separately via a web interface, via the serial interface, via SNMP or the button on the AC/DC power switch. Safety is a top priority: Each DC output is protected with its own eFuse, so that short circuits in connected devices do not affect other consumers. Furthermore, a type 3 overvoltage protection is integrated and prevents damage to the device and connected consumers.