Buffer Tube/Ribbon Fan-Out Kit - 25inch

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Buffer Tube/Ribbon Fan-Out Kit - 25inch


Cleerline SSF™ Fan-Out kits enable fast and easy build-up of 250µm fibres found in todays common micro distribution style cables.  The 900µm colour coded buffer tubes allow for the cables overall jacket to be removed and for each 250µm fibre to simply be threaded through the corresponding coloured tube.  To complete, the assembly snaps together requiring no additional tooling or epoxy.


Features & Benefits

  • 4, 6, and 12 strand configurations
  • Two different lengths available for each type
  • Tubing colors per TIA/EIA-569-B standard
  • Large confirmation window for easy verification
  • Provides protection to any installation
  • Easy to assemble, simple snap housing