Interact Pro Mixer

Interact Pro Mixer


INTERACT PRO is a conferencing system that includes stereo acoustic echo cancellation, an audio mixer with signal routing, digital signal processing, and telephone interface at a remarkable low price.

Features & Benefits

  • INTERACT PRO has eight microphone inputs. The system can be expanded to a total of 16 microphone inputs by linking an INTERACT 8i to an INTERACT PRO.
  • USB audio and direct interface to Cisco and Avaya handsets can easily be added to the system with an optional INTERACT COM interface.
  • A wireless or wired table top controller simplifies operation.
  • Audio inputs and outputs are on mini phoenix connectors to minimize installation time when connecting to professional video and audio components.
  • Multiple outputs are provided to easily connect to common media devices, such as multi-channel recorders, multiple speaker zones, and video and web conferencing systems.
  • INTERACT PRO offers HDConference audio processing technologies from ClearOne including Distributed Echo Cancellation™, noise cancellation and automatic microphone mixing.