Wings Engine Raw Dual Stream - 19inch

Wings Engine Raw Dual Stream - 19inch


What are you expecting from a professional media server? If it is a basic multi-display show, a corporate event with presets and live inputs or the perfectly synchronised playback of multiple 8K image sequences the AV Stumpl’s media server portfolio covers everything.

Tired of limited colour subsampling, banding effects and jitter when presenting videos on large format displays and screens? AV Stumpfl are pushing the limits of current video playback solutions with their top level media server platform Wings Engine Raw delivering up to 4 times uncompressed 4K60 playback.

It includes features such as: uncompressed video playback, 8K resolution, maximum colour depth, real-time colour space transformation, real-time frame blending and more…

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Features & Benefits

  • Portable Front Projection Screen - 16:10 - Image Size 610 x 381cm
  • - 64x32mm aluminium frame for large displays, or applications that require a sturdier frame