INTRODUCTION - Acoustic Treatment of commercial and residential spaces

Artnovion - bespoke acoustic treatments
INTRODUCTION - Acoustic Treatment of commercial and residential spaces


Artnovion is a company with a deep understanding of how to control sound via its comprehensive, inventive and attractive room treatments. Whether a residential home, cinema / audio room or an open-plan office / leisure environment, acoustic treatment can have a dramatic effect. Offering key product categories including absorbers, diffusers, insulation and bass treatment products, Artnovion is able to create solutions that not only make any space more usable but also gives users a far better experience.

Why use absorption?
Absorption panels reduce unwanted standing waves in a room by reducing reflections of hard surfaces, such as wall and ceilings. This can dramatically reduce excessive reverberation in a room and control any flutter echo control. The result improves speech intelligibility and the performance of any audio source.

Why use diffusion?
Diffuser panels scatter incoming sound waves into smaller, lower energy waves, scattered over a large area. These scattered reflections create a homogeneous sound field distribution and a full, balanced acoustic response. This improves speech intelligibility, music quality, and creates a more uniform, larger sweet spot.

Why use bass-traps?
Low frequency control is the foundation of acoustic treatment. Strong modal frequencies can be the make-or-break of many rooms, often uncontrollable without altering room structure.

Why use insulation?
Sound leakage between rooms can have a major effect on the usefulness of a space. For situations whereby peace and quiet is essential, interruptions from the room next door or above can be extremely disruptive. The use of sound insulation blocks out unwanted pollution, keeping a space focused and productive.

Artnovion’s range of absorption and diffusion products for residential spaces, offer advanced acoustics and come in a whole range of striking designs, which enhance any room even before you begin to consider their acoustic advantages. Bespoke printing is available on some of the designs to add a level of personalisation and the company also offers a full range of insulation products to prevent audio bleed from room to room.

A true innovator, lines like Artnovion’s tuneable bass traps are completely unique in the market. Bass is the hardest of all frequencies to control accurately and getting it right can make or break a room’s performance. Enter the Sub Trap, a fresh approach to low frequency control delivering a fine-tuneable device boasting the highest absorption coefficient per volume on the market.

Artnovion also has a huge range of products dedicated for commercial buildings and spaces, all designed specifically for these types of environment. The ranges cover the Pro Studio world, including the exclusive Signature Line created by Jan Morel, world renowned studio designer. The range can also deliver solutions for offices, galleries, retail and any place where controlled audio is important. As the understanding of how important audio is in engineering creative, efficient or relaxing spaces grows, companies are looking for ways to deliver better environments and Artnovion can deliver real results every time. The ranges break down into absorption, diffusion and insulation in attractive designs suitable for their ultimate destinations.

Artnovion has also used its expertise to develop the Impulso App, an easy-to use-smart device app that can measure any room and advise on which products to use. Fitting of each solution is also simple, with Artnovion able to supply all mounting brackets with each package.

Artnovion’s considerable achievements are driven by a passion for acoustics, performance and the company’s desire to deliver an amazing customer experience every time. With a highly qualified team, Artnovion strives to push the boundaries of acoustic engineering to create a unique collection of highly attractive and high-performance products.

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