Custom roller, roman, pleated, honeycomb, venetian and finestra blinds

Appeal Home Shading - bespoke blinds
Custom roller, roman, pleated, honeycomb, venetian and finestra blinds


Offering installers a route into the lucrative and expanding world of sophisticated automated window stylings, we are proud to be the custom installation distribution partner for Appeal Home Shading. This well-established manufacturer has over 30 years of experience in the high-quality window stylings sector, building its reputation on a level of attention to detail in manufacturing and a commitment to customer service that is unparalleled in the market.

Featuring roller, roman, pleated, honeycomb, venetian (aluminium and wooden) and Finestra options, Appeals range covers every application, including specially engineered solutions for gable ends and lantern roof blinds.

Proud of its UK manufacturing status and its own Bristol factory, Appeal Home Shading creates over 11,000 blinds annually and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in getting the right result for a huge range of applications and projects.

Appeal Home Shading produces every type of window styling imaginable in a large choice of designs and fabrics; conservatory and orangery blinds, window shutters, bespoke treatments, even high-quality insect screens. We will be supplying the whole Appeal Home Shading family and, in particular, the company’s award-winning ULTRA Smart Blinds.

Designed for optimum ease of use and performance, ULTRA Smart Blinds deliver a wire-free powered solution. Available in ULTRA and now an ULTRA Plus variant, which offers control via an app, the systems are compatible with the Savant home automation platform. Users can also activate the blinds using voice over Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The ULTRA range is powered via energy-efficient batteries that need recharging just once per year. With no need to install plastic trunking to hide wires, the headrail discreetly incorporates the quiet motor and slim powerpack to make installation fuss free, efficient and repeatable. There is also the option of a discreet solar panel, which will keep the power pack topped up so there is no need to recharge the battery. The blinds can be controlled individually or as groups through the dedicated controllers, via the app or through Home Automation systems including Savant, with all the available options of timed events, out-of-home control or reaction to levels such as temperature settings.

Worried that measuring and fitting window treatments maybe out of your comfort zone? There is no need, as we will provide a complete site visit, measurement and fitting as part of our service. Once a project is secured, an expert will visit the client to decide on the types of stylings needed. We will also arrange for fitting experts to go to the property and complete that part of the project at the right stage. At every point, you will be expertly supported so the process is worry free.

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