6:1 HDMI+VGA 4K Scaling Switcher

Absolute Acoustics
6:1 HDMI+VGA 4K Scaling Switcher


The Absolute Acoustics® NDS-SS61 is a multi-format switcher designed to manage signals in corporate meeting rooms. Its architecture combines HDMI, VGA and audio connections providing native support for devices with different capabilities. Its 6 inputs — 4 HDMI and 2 VGA + Analog Audio — are routed to 1 HDMI and analogue 3.5mm and Phoenix outputs.

In addition to the analogue-digital conversion to HDMI (including audio embedding), SS61 VGA inputs are processed by a high-quality video scaler, sending video in the ideal resolution to the system display. For HDMI inputs, a set of EDID modes is available for configuration, adapting the device for different kinds of applications.

SS61 can be controlled manually via buttons on its front panel, by sending IR/RS232 codes or automatically, through the SmartSwitch™ algorithm, that selects the last connected source to display. SS61 also features our CEC Bridge™ technology, which enables sending CEC commands for display control, avoiding the use of external control devices.

Features & Benefits

  • SMART SWITCHER™ - In its new and improved version, the SmartSwitch™ algorithm automatically selects the last source connected for display, allowing an intuitive operation to any user
  • HDMI AUDIO BREAKOUT - Output includes an analogue RCA connection for audio extraction, enabling direct connections to multi-room or professional audio distribution systems
  • VGA SCALER - In addition to the conversion to HDMI, SS41 VGA input is processed by a video scaler, sending video in the ideal resolution to the display
  • AUTOMATION FRIENDLY - Through RS232 ports and a powerful communication protocol, SS21 offers an advanced level of integration with control systems, enabling various automatic and intelligent actions
  • CEC BRIDGE - Taking advantage of native HDMI features, the CEC Bridge™ allows to send commands in the CEC standard to the connected display
  • ULTRA COMPACT SIZE - All this technology is embedded in a compact-sized enclosure, which makes easier the installation in furniture or behind displays