Revolutionising Meeting Spaces: Kramer and AudioCodes Partnership

News / 07.05.24

Gone are the days of static meeting rooms that remain unchanged for years. With the rise of hybrid work and an increasing number of remote stakeholders in meetings, the demand for advanced audio-visual solutions has never been higher. Recognising this need, Kramer and AudioCodes have joined forces to introduce cutting-edge solutions certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms, ensuring seamless collaboration regardless of physical location.

Enhancing Collaboration

The partnership between Kramer and AudioCodes brings together certified hardware and software platforms to create MTR solutions that bridge the gap between remote and in-office workers. These solutions include a comprehensive range of AV components, including:

  • Video bars, compute units, speakers, digital signal processors, cameras, touchscreen controllers, and efficiency cable management systems. 

The result is a seamless meeting room experience aimed to meet company requirements and working patterns.

Seamless Integration

Kramer and AudioCodes offer complete room solutions, pre-tested to ensure harmonious integration and easy installation. With a touch of a button, meetings can be initiated, reducing adjustment times and installation costs for system integrators. Ready-made plans and schematics support rapid deployment, catering to various meeting space sizes, including:

  • Huddle Rooms, small to medium meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Smaller Meeting Room Solutions

For smaller meeting rooms, the Kramer and AudioCodes package include the KAC-TCH-10 meeting room controller and the KAC-BAR-81 Collaboration Bar. The meeting room controller enables seamless collaboration and content sharing, while the collaboration bar offers built-in speakers, six microphones, Full HD video, and a PTZ camera with 5x zoom for crystal-clear images and superior video quality.

Simplified Management and Utilisation

By providing comprehensive solutions for various meeting space types, Kramer and AudioCodes simplify the management and utilisation of meeting room equipment. This ensures a more inclusive, interactive and satisfying experience for all participants.

In the modern hybrid work era, Kramer and AudioCodes are revolutionising the way businesses and organisations communicate and collaborate. Their powerful, easy-to-use solutions cater to every meeting space, providing an ideal platform for effective collaboration in today’s dynamic work environment.