Introducing GUDE’s Next-Gen Vertical PDUs

News / 05.06.24

The demand for efficienct power distribution solutions has never been greater. Whether in homes or businesses, the need for reliable and manageable power distribution units is paramount. Recognising this demand, GUDE introduces its latest innovation: the Vertical PDUs - 20-fold and 30-fold, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern power management. Bigger is better with GUDE.

Smart Features for Enhanced Control and Efficiency

1. IP Addressable for Remote Management

With the integration of IP addressability, GUDE’s Vertical PDUs empower users with remote management capabilities. Whether you’re overseeing a household or managing a large-scale business operation, having the ability to monitor and control power distribution remotely is invaluable. This feature facilitates seamless management, enabling users to troubleshoot issues, perform maintenance tasks, and optimise power usage from anywhere with an internet connection.

2. Scheduled Power Down to Reduce Energy Consumption

Energy efficiency is a key consideration for modern households and businesses. GUDE’s Vertical PDUs address this concern with scheduled power down functionality. Users can program specific times for the PDU to power down connected devices, reducing energy consumption during non-peak hours or when equipment is not in use.

3. Monitor Alerts for Swift Response

Downtime can have significant implications for productivity and operational efficiency. GUDE’s Vertical PDUs feature monitor alerts that provide real-time notifications about power-related issues. Whether it’s a sudden power surge, voltage fluctuations, or device malfunctions, prompt alerts empower users to take swift action, minimising downtime and preventing potential damage to connected equipment.

4. Integrated Surge Protection for Enhanced Safety

Surges in electrical power can pose a serious threat to sensitive electronic devices, potentially causing irreparable damages. Recognising the importance of safeguarding valuable equipment, GUDE’s Vertical PDus are equipped with integrated surge protection. This built-in safeguard helps mitigate the risk associated with power surges, ensuring the longevity and reliability of connected devices.

GUDE’s Vertical PDUs represent a significant leap forward in power distribution technology, offering a comprehensive solution for homes and businesses. With their design, advanced features, and robust surge protection, these PDUs empower users with greater control and peace of mind. GUDE’s Vertical PDUs are the smart choice for powering the future.