Elevate Your AV Experience with RGB IE Accessories

News / 04.07.24

Whether you’re setting up a home theatre, corporate boardroom, or a broadcast studio, choosing the right equipment ensures seamless performance and longevity. Among the top brands leading the charge in AV accessories are Middle Atlantic, Chief and Penn Elcom, all which offer an extensive range of solutions, included in RGB Installation Essentials.

Middle Atlantic Products: The backbone of your AV system

Middle Atlantic is renowned for its high-quality rack solutions and accessories. Their products are designed with the installer in mind, making them a favourite among professionals.

  • Rack Systems: Middle Atlantic offers a wide range of rack systems, including the popular Slim 5 Series and BGR Series. These racks are designed to accommodate various AV components while ensuring proper ventilation and cable management.
  • Power Management: Their PDUs and UPS systems are essential for maintaining stable power to your AV equipment. The Select Series PDU features IP-controlled outlets, making it easy to manage power remotely.
  • Cable Management: Middle Atlantic’s cable management solutions, such as the Horizontal Lacer Bars and Vertical Cable Managers, help keep your setup tidy and ensure optimal signal integrity.

Chief Mounts: Flexibility in Mounting Solutions

When it comes to mounting displays, projects, and other AV equipment, Chief Mounts is a brand that consistently delivers. Known for their innovative designs and reliability, Chief offers solutions that cater to both residential and commercial needs.

  • Display Mounts: Chief’s range of display mounts include fixed, tilt, and full-motion options. The Kontour Series is particularly popular for its ergonomic design and ease of adjustment.
  • Projector Mounts: The RPA series projector mounts are a staple in the industry, providing secure and adjustable mounting for various projector models. Their Precision Gear technology allows for quick and precise image alignment.
  • AV Racks and Carts: Chief also offers a variety of AV racks and mobile carts, such as the PRSU and PFCUB, which are perfect for dynamic environments where mobility is key.

Penn Elcom: The Standard in Flight Cases and Enclosures

Penn Elcom is synonymous with durable flight vases and enclosures, making them a go-to choice for protecting valuable AV equipment during transport and storage.

  • Flight Cases: Penn Elcom’s custom flight cases are built to withstand rigours of travel. Their Wheely Cases and Rack cases are highly customisable, ensuring that your AV equipment is well-protected.
  • Rack Enclosures: The R4000 Series of rack enclosures is perfect for installations requiring robust protection. These enclosures feature shock-absorbing mounts and heavy-duty construction.
  • Hardware and Accessories: Penn Elcom offers a wide range of hardware and accessories, including handles, latches and caster wheels, allowing you to customise and repair your cases if needed.

Investing in quality AV accessories from Middle Atlantic, Chief, and Penn Elcom, can significantly enhance the performance and longevity of your AV setup. Each brand brings something unique to the table, ensuring that you have the best tools at your disposal. Whether it’s through innovative rack solutions, precise mounting solutions, or durable enclosures, these brands have you covered. Elevate your AV experience with accessories that promise reliability, ease of use, and superior performance.