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BPC, GUDE, and Middle Atlantic: Shaping a connected world

In the fast-paced world of technology and data management, the seamless integration of various systems is paramount.   read more


Unlocking Seamless Integration: The Decade-Long Partnership of Savant and IC Realtime

Home security and surveillance have become growing concerns for homeowners. Advanced technology allows us to integrate various systems to create more sophisticated and effective solutions.   read more


Introducing RGB IE's Huddle Space

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, effective communication and collaboration are paramount.   read more


Introducing the Vuelogic VL-VB300 Camerabar

In the fast-evolving landscape of hybrid work environments, having the right tools to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration is essential.   read more


The RGB Team at EI Live Farnborough

The RGB and Savant Europe team thoroughly enjoyed their time at EI Live in Farnborough!   read more


Adept Architectural Speaker Systems: Music Is in the Air

Recognising the profound impact of music, Adept Audio embarked on a journey to create architectural speaker systems that seamlessly blend impeccable sound quality with elegant design.
  read more


Discover Apple Music with Savant da Vinci 10.4

The wait is over, and the excitement is here as we announce the highly anticipated da Vinci 10,.4 update!   read more


Projecta and Da-Lite Complete Brand Transition

In a significant effort to streamline customer experience and innovation, Projecta and Da-Lite have transitioned into one.   read more