Enhance your university with Humly

News / 11.10.23

Humly’s advanced products streamline administrative processes and facilitate efficient communication among university staff and students, reducing administrative overload, optimising productivity, and enabling data-driven decision making, all of which collectively enhance operational efficiency.

Humly Room Display

The Room Display, designed to simplify meeting room booking, can be used in universities in a variety of ways to enhance efficiency and convenience. Room Display can help department administrators and professors quickly identify available spaces and reserve them for academic activities.

- University Libraries

- Student Centers

- Conference and Seminar Facilities

- Event Spaces

Humly Booking Device

The Humly Booking Device offers a versatile solution for universities, when efficient space and resource management is crucial with real-time data. Professors can use the device to reserve specific rooms for lectures or workshops, ensuring that there are no scheduling conflicts.

- Library Study Desks

- Parking Space Reservations

- Study Group Space Reservations

Humly Wayfinding

Humly Wayfinding, with its user-friendly interface and efficient meeting management features, can be a valuable addition to various aspects of university life. Faculty and students can maintain a well-organised schedule, helping to navigate various activities throughout the day.

- Faculty meetings and collaboration

- Library and study room reservations

- Student organisation activities

- Campus tours and events

Humly Floor Plan

No longer wasting time and effort searching for available rooms, implementing a 3D room and desk availability overview in universities can streamline operations and improve the overall experience of the students and staff by quickly identifying what spaces are available for usage.

- Student Services

- Workstations

- Common Areas and cafeterias

- Event Planning

Humly Visitors

Transform the way you introduce visitors onto your campus. Say hello to Humly Visitors, a system designed to make the visitor experience seamless and efficient.  Your guests can check-in with ease using any chosen screen, instantly alerting you via email or SMS, ensuring that university staff are always aware of guest arrivals. This system maintains a detailed visitor log, recording all visitors contact details, and the times of their visits, ensuring maximum safety and security for staff and students when on campus.

Embrace the future with Humly Solutions and enhance your university experience for not only the students and staff, but for everyone with simple ease to reach new heights!