10 Key Tips for a Productive Home Office Setup

News / 24.10.23

A productive home office is essential for focus, efficiency and well-being. Customising your workspace can greatly improve productivity and work-life balance.

Tip 1: Choose a dedicated workspace to setup a home office

Find a suitable spot within your home. If you lack a spare room, a desk in a bedroom or a small living area nook can serve as a home office. For optimal productivity, choose a quiet, semi-private location, especially if you share your living space. Separating your workspace from your living area is vital to minimise distraction and stay on track.

Tip 2: Have bright, natural lighting

Don’t overlook good lighting in your home office. It affects your well-being and productivity. Experiment with different light intensities and tones. Ensure proper lighting for reading, writing and computer work to prevent eye strain.

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Tip 3: Maximise technology to boost productivity

Efficient work from home requires access to essential tools and maximum connectivity. Access to these resources enhance productivity and work-life balance, while their absence can lead to frustration.

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Tip 4: Make it personal

Add personal touches to your home office to create an inviting space that suits your working style. Choose room colours and accents that align with your mood - making the space your own.

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Tip 5: Let the music play

Elevate your work-from-home experience by incorporating premium speakers into your setup, filling your room with productivity-boosting music. Music can create an immersive environment that fosters focus and productivity. The right speakers can make your workday more enjoyable.

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Tip 6: Become a video conferencing professional

For better video quality in your virtual meetings, use an external webcam. External webcams offer superior resolutions, some feature built-in accessories for better image quality, and high frame rates up to 120fps for smoother video.

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Tip 7: Keep a warm climate

Office spaces are kept cool for comfort, but you can't easily cool down if it gets too hot. Cornell University research found that raising the office temperature reduced typing errors by 44%. When working from home, you can adjust your A/C for comfort and save on your electric bill.

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Tip 8: Get the right work from home equipment

Home office equipment you will likely need: Desk or table, ergonomic chair, reliable WiFi, good lighting, stationary, noise-cancelling headphones, calendar, cabinet or storage, personal decor.

Tip 9: Track time efficiency

Working from home often leads to losing track of time, potentially resulting in excessively long workdays. It’s worth noting that remote workers tend to put in more hours compared to those in a traditional office setting. To prevent this, employ time-tracking methods like a smartphone alarm or a classic wall clock.

Tip 10: Get rid of clutter

Keep your home office clutter-free with stylish storage solutions. Consider the placement of office equipment and allocate space for personal items to create an inviting workspace.

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