Transform your living space with Nexus 21’s new Pop-Up TV Lift

News / 28.11.23

With the ever-increasing screen sizes and the desire for seamless, clutter-free living spaces, the Model L-65x Pop-Up TV lift with motorised swivel has arrived. It’s time to revolutionise the way we experience home entertainment. Whether you want to feature a pop-up TV in your living room cabinet or at the foot of your bed, Nexus 21 has what you need.

The L-65x Pop-Up TV Lift: A Game Changer

This model is the latest addition to the popular L-65 TV Lift series, and it brings a host of new features that make it an ideal choice for modern living spaces. With a hands-free, ultra-silent motorised swivel, this TV lift allows you to raise and swivel up to 65-inch screens effortlessly with just the touch of a button.


  • Hands-free 360 degrees motorised swivel, allowing you to adjust the viewing angle to your perfection.
  • One-button programmable presets allow you to set your preferred viewing angles for various scenarios.
  • Minimal assembly requirements, TV level adjustments, and a convenient drop-in installation process.
  • An Anti-Pinch Lid Interface to prevent accidents to protect both your TV and your loved ones.

Popular Uses

Transform your living room by concealing your TV in a stylish cabinet. With the L-65x, your TV can smoothly rise and swivel into position when it’s time for entertainment and chill time.

Elevate your bedroom entertainment experience by placing the L-65x at the foot of your bed. Enjoy a movie night or your favourite TV shows from the comfort of your bed, with the convenience of motorised swivel.

Variety within the L-65 series

The L-65 series of pop-up Tv lifts now offers three versions to cater to various preferences and requirements:

  1. L-65 Pop-Up Lift - designed for straightforward vertical TV lifting
  2. L-65s Pop-Up Lift - offers manual swivel functionality for those who prefer hands-on control.
  3. L-65x Pop-Up lift - featuring hands-free motorised swivel for the ultimate convenience and luxury.

The Model L-65x Pop-Up TV Lift redefines the way we enjoy entertainment in our home. It provides the perfect solution for modern, clutter-free living spaces. Elevate your entertainment experience with this precision-engineered masterpiece and enjoy the perfect blend of reliability and innovation.