Revolutionising Display Setup: Chief's Tempo Flat Panel Wall Mount System

News / 29.06.23

Introducing Chief’s Tempo™ Flat Panel Wall Mount System: A game-changing solution designed to revolutionise the way AV professionals approach display installations. With its all-in-one configurable design, this innovative system aims to enhance efficiency by streamlining the entire installation workflow. Whether it’s a single display or a mass rollout, this versatile mounting system empowers installers to increase productivity and maximise profitability.

Gone are the days of complex and time-consuming setups. The Tempo™ Wall Mount System offers unparalleled simplicity and convenience, allowing for easy installation on any wall surface. Its thoughtful design incorporates feedback from experienced installers, resulting in a product specifically tailored to meet the demands of fast-paced deployments.

One of the standout features of the Tempo Wall Mount System is its integrated Lever Lock™ storage panels. This unique addition enables installers to neatly store and conceal 2-6 small devices behind the display, eliminating clutter and maintaining a clean and professional appearance. Furthermore, the Lever Lock mechanism provides quick and effortless access to the stored devices, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and service.

By investing in the Tempo Flat Panel Wall Mount System, AV Professionals can significantly improve their bottom line. The time and cost savings realised through its efficient installation process, combined with the added convenience of integrated device storage, make this systema  valuable asset for any project. From single installations to large-scale deployments, the Tempo™ Wall Mount System offers unmatched versatility and performance, empowering AV professionals to achieve exceptional results with ease.

Upgrade your installation workflow and unlock a new lock of efficiency with Chief. Experience the future of display mounting technology and transform the way you approach AV installations.

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