Qmotion UK Introduces Blind Pocket: Concealment Innovation

News / 23.06.23

Qmotion UK, a leading motorised window treatment company, has recently introduced a revolutionary product called Blind Pocket, designed to conceal blinds seamlessly. This innovative solution comprises high-quality extruded aluminium boxes specifically crafted to accommodate roller blinds of up to 4,000m in width within the ceiling. By eliminating the need to construct a custom pocket, Blind Pocket saves valuable installation time and reduces costs. Moreover, it ensures a sleek appearance by concealing the roller blind, leaving only the fabric visible when the blind is lowered.

Installing the pre-built pocket is a straightforward process, allowing for easy fitting of the motorised roller blind mechanism. A standard closure piece can be directly attached to the groove on the Blind Pocket, effectively covering the bottom part of the blind. If desired, an optional plaster-ready ceiling lip can be installed for a flush fit with ceiling tiles.

Qmotion’s Blind Pocket is available in a standard white finish or can be customised to match any RAL classic colours, complementing the interior decor. In instances where concealing the lower front of a pocket is necessary, Qmotion offers a simple two-part pocket closure system consisting of a closure hanger and closure plate.

Furthermore, the Blind Pocket boasts minimal side light gaps of only 13mm, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any installation. Qmotion’s patented manual-override command empowers customers to operate the blind manually without compromising the automated mechanism’s integrity.