Introducing RGB Installation Essentials: Your Source for High-Quality AV Installation Solutions

News / 29.06.23

At RGB Communications, we take pride in our commitment to exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable team of experts are dedicated to helping customers find the right solutions for their specific requirements. Whether it's providing technical support, offering product recommendations, or assisting with project planning, our team is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

RGB Installation Essentials is a dynamic and innovative sub brand of RGB Communications, specialising in the distribution of high-quality installation essentials for professional audiovisual and technology solutions. With a comprehensive range of products and a commitment to excellence, RGB IE aims to provide integrators, installers, and system designers with the essential tools they need to create seamless and reliable AV installations.

As a sub-brand of RGB Communications, RGB Installation Essentials benefits from the company's long-standing reputation for excellence and its extensive industry experience. With over two decades of expertise in the AV distribution industry, RGB Communications has built strong relationships with manufacturers, integrators, and installers, positioning itself as a trusted partner within the market.

RGB IE is poised to be the go-to source for integrators and installers seeking high-quality installation essentials from top brands. With our commitment to excellence, extensive product range, and exceptional customer service, we aim to simplify the installation process and empower professionals to deliver outstanding AV solutions to their clients.

Choose RGB Installation Essentials for all your AV installation needs and experience the difference that quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service can make in your projects.

As a trusted distributor, RGB Installation Essentials partners with renowned brands to offer an extensive selection of top-tier products. Our portfolio includes leading manufacturers such as Adept Audio, BPC, Chief, GUDE, Kramer, Lande, Metra - Ethereal, Middle Atlantic, NETGEAR, Nexus 21, Penn Elcom, Projecta, PureLink. By collaborating with these industry-leading brands, we ensure that our customers have access to the latest technologies and solutions that meet the highest standards of performance, reliability, and innovation.

At RGB Installation Essentials, we understand the challenges faced by professionals in the AV industry. That's why we strive to provide a comprehensive range of installation essentials that encompass everything from audio and video connectivity to mounting solutions, power management, network infrastructure, and beyond. Our products are carefully curated to address the diverse needs of AV installations, whether it's a corporate boardroom, a retail space, a residential project, or a large-scale commercial environment.

As part of RGB Installation Essentials, we're now offering Multi Brand Discounts on the RGB IE brands (saving you up to 10% on bundles). For more information, click here.