Exploring AV Stumpfl's Anyshape Projection Screens: Infinite Possibilities

News / 28.06.23

In the realm of visual experiences, projection screens play a vital role in bringing content to life. Whether it's for business presentations, immersive entertainment, or artistic installations, the quality and flexibility of a projection screen can significantly impact the overall experience. AV Stumpfl has revolutionised the concept of projection screens with their innovative product line known as Anyshape.

Unleashing Creativity with Anyshape

The traditional rectangular projection screen has long been the standard, but AV Stumpfl's AnyShape screens break free from these conventional boundaries. With AnyShape, the possibilities for screen shapes are virtually limitless. These screens can be customised to match any contour or shape desired, enabling users to create unique and captivating visual displays.

Flexible Sizes

In a sense, AV Stumpfl could also have called this innovative custom product range AnySize, since the modular nature of our technology allows for A LOT of flexibility when it comes to scaling your ideas.

Solid Frame Construction

The frame of Anyshape projection screens is made of high precision extruded aluminium, features a modular design and its parts are connected with engineered robust connectors.

Black & White

By default the reinforced border of AV Stumpfl projection screens is matt black. For special applications they can also produce your projection screen with a matte white border material.

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