ClearOne Launches Powerful New Dante-Compatible BMA 360D Beamforming Microphone Array Ceiling Tile

News / 15.06.23

ClearOne has recently unveiled its latest innovation in the field of audio technology: the Dante-compatible BMA 360D Beamforming Microphone Array Ceiling Tile. This brand new, cutting-edge product is set to revolutionise the way we capture and transmit audio in various professional settings, including corporate boardrooms and educational institutions.

"The BMA 360D takes our groundbreaking product to the next level by leveraging standard IP networking infrastructure in an enterprise, empowering AV and IT practitioners to upgrade existing room solutions to use more powerful microphones and expanding flexibility that enables third-party DSP integrations in new system designs. The added power and advanced beamforming also enhances the performance of critical modern functions such as voice lift and camera tracking," said ClearOne CEO, Derek Graham.

Dante integration in the BMA 360D enhances the array’s functionality by delivering unprocessed beam audio on individual Dante transmit channels. Additionally, a smart-switched output is delivered on a separate Dante channel to provide the optimal mix of active inputs while enabling ClearOne’s full suite of audio enhancements, which include echo cancellation, noise cancellation and level control. 

The BMA 360D incorporates the industry’s only ultra-wideband, frequency invariant beamforming mic array technology with uniform gain response across all frequency bands. With proprietary FiBeam™ and DsBeam™ technology, participants experience natural and full-fidelity audio across all beams and within a single beam. DsBeam delivers superb clarity and intelligibility through unparalleled sidelobe depth below -40 dB, resulting in superior rejection of reverb and noise even in challenging environments. 

Integrator setup is simplified by convenient preset beam patterns for common room layouts, while custom beam patterns can be created for unique floor plans. Combined with adaptive steering that focuses audio pickup on active speakers, the adjustable beam patterns provide impeccable coverage of every meeting or conference participant. The exceptional accuracy of ClearOne’s beamforming and adaptive steering technologies also enhance the performance of voice lift and camera tracking functions for any attached DSP mixer.

The sound reinforcement capabilities of the BMA 360D have also been improved by individual Dante receive channels that drive powerful integrated amplifiers to enable 4 x 15 Watt or 2 x 30 Watt loudspeaker systems. Directly connecting in-ceiling or in-wall speakers to the microphone array can reduce system complexity and greatly simplify installation.

The BMA 360D comes in both 24-inch and 600mm ceiling tile sizes, while a VESA-mount hole pattern provides support for pole mounting. Hard-ceiling mount adapter kits are also available for rooms without ceiling tiles. 

ClearOne’s solutions are designed to support all leading collaboration platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Zoom and WebEx. 

For more information on the BMA 360D, click here