Introducing Mike Long: RGB's New Commercial Sales Manager

News / 11.07.23

The RGB team are thrilled to announce the arrival of Mike Long, our new Commercial Sales Manager. With a wealth of experience in the commercial AV industry, Mike is set to bring a fresh perspective and drive to our team. Having spent years as an AV integrator and the last 13 years with industry-leading companies Kramer Electronics and Pulse Eight in the channel sector, Mike's expertise and insights will undoubtedly contribute to RGB's continued success.

Upon joining RGB, Mike wasted no time in immersing himself in our company's culture and getting to know our products and services. He quickly identified three key brands within our portfolio that he believes will seamlessly integrate into any University or Corporate AV ecosystem: GUDE Systems, Humly, and ClearOne.

GUDE is renowned for its high-quality power and monitoring solutions, designed to enhance the energy efficiency and resilience of AV and IT infrastructures. As part of our new RGB IE range, GUDE products offer reliable and innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the industry.

Humly specializes in workplace management systems that blend sleek style and design with functionality and reliability. With their cutting-edge solutions, Humly aims to create seamless and intuitive experiences for employees, enhancing productivity and efficiency in modern work environments.

ClearOne is synonymous with user-friendly, affordable conferencing, collaboration, and streaming solutions. Their products deliver an unparalleled user experience, boasting unrivaled functionality, reliability, and scalability. ClearOne has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence, making them an invaluable addition to our portfolio.

Mike is eager to delve into these brands and discuss their unique offerings with our esteemed customers (plus his own connections). He plans to arrange face-to-face meetings and introduce himself personally over the coming months. Drawing from his extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, Mike aims to guide our clients in finding the perfect AV solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

In Mike's own words, "On joining RGB, it’s become quite apparent to me that they have 3 key brands which will fit well within any University or Corporate AV ecosystem: GUDE Systems, Humly, and ClearOne. I am keen to discuss these brands with our customers in more detail, and hope to introduce myself and arrange face-to-face meetings over the coming months. I am really excited to join a company of RGB's history and customer focus, and I look forward to reconnecting with my old commercial customers"

If you're interested in exploring the cutting-edge solutions offered by our many commercial offerings, don't hesitate to get in touch with Mike today. You can reach him via email at or give him a call at +44 7748 982427. Mike is ready and eager to assist you in finding the perfect AV solutions that will transform your workspace.

A final word from our Sales and Marketing Director, Andy Atwell, "We are thrilled to welcome Mike Long to our team and are excited about the expertise and energy he brings. With his guidance, we are confident that RGB will continue to lead the way in providing exceptional AV solutions and outstanding customer service. He is a well respected indistury professional with vast experience and competence within our target markets and prodcut ranges. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey together with Mike"