The Lutron Alisse - a perfect complement to any décor

News / 03.05.22

Lighting experts Lutron reimagined every detail with the Alisse wall control—starting with its thin profile, broad range of hand-crafted finishes, and subtle illumination around the buttons—allowing it to perfectly complement any décor. With its powerful, game-changing technology and a flexible personalisation and ordering process, the Alisse wall control is both delightful to use and simple to specify and install.  

Precisely balanced design with meticulous attention to detail 
Lutron uses a hand finishing process to bring out the dimension and hues of the genuine materials and offers a range of signature metal finishes that stretch across the style continuum. Each finish is thoughtfully matched with crisp engraving filled with carefully coordinated ink as well as a complementary thin, glowing halo around the buttons to complete the look. The Alisse wall control’s plate form is perfectly balanced, featuring a sleek, thin profile that protrudes less than 1/8th of an inch from the wall.  


Personalisation made flexible 
The Alisse wall control offers several personalisation options—including custom engraving and multiple button configurations—but does so in an incredibly innovative way. 

Lutron decoupled the wall plate, button configuration, and finish selection from the installation and programming process to allow the base unit to be ordered, installed, and programmed independent of the Alisse wall control plate, which easily snaps on when the button configuration, finish selection, and engraving details have been finalized. This approach allows homeowners to make both design choices and changes up until the end of the installation. 

Lutron also provides a protective cover plate for the base unit to prevent damage from construction debris and created a suite of e-tools to make ordering of products and customizations quick and easy. 

Additional features of the Alisse wall control include: 
• All new Signature Metal Collection – a range of handcrafted metal finishes (aged bronze, aged brass, brushed brass, champagne, satin nickel, graphite, and bright chrome) and painted metal colours (matte black, brilliant white, snow white, and architectural white) to fit a range of interiors. 
• Resistant to wear, fingerprints, and stains – uses a proprietary preservation process that does not compromise the luxurious feeling of the material.
• Personalised to fit your lifestyle – features precise engraving, which gives homeowners the ability to name the specific scenes they want to achieve, and one-, two-, and three-column button configurations to suit the needs of any space.
• Integrated by design – designed to seamlessly integrate with Lutron’s HomeWorks system to ensure that the experience in the home is simple and reliable.
• Flexible mounting options- one-, two-, and three-column controls mount within a European, single-gang, square backbox. 

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