Switchable IP Power Sockets for all needs: Flagship Expert Power Control Series from GUDE

News / 05.05.22

Reliable and smart 8-way switched PDU for increased energy efficiency and operational safety of all your media devices 

GUDE's flagship Expert Power Control Series offers a range of reliable power distribution and intelligent device management solutions that are reliable, environmentally efficient and cost-effective. 

GUDE's Expert Power Control 8031 Series enables switching and metering of electrical appliances through TCP/IP network, serial interface or mobile device app. The Series consists of four versions with 8 load outlets on the rear panel:

8031-1: 8x IEC C13  
8031-3: 8x Safety socket type F (DE) 

8031-2: 8x IEC C13 Lock       
8031-4: 8x type G (BS 1363 for UK)                         


The Expert Power Control series allow you and your clients considerable benefits in terms of utilisation and monitoring of your installation:

Key benefits

Significantly increased operational reliability: Built-in surge protection and detailed proative power metering 

Measurably increased energy efficiency: Electricity cost savings through regular switching off of device

Early detection of AV and IT problemsThrough proactive monitoring of power consumption measurement and measurement of 9 electrical parameters (inference of non-functioning devices) + Environmental monitoring through temperature and humidity sensors

Can be integrated everywhere: With an open API interface, it can be integrated anywhere quickly and easily: REST API, http, SNMP & Telnet

Massive time and cost savingsPlug and Play drivers for: Crestron and Extron

Faster and better serviceFaster fixing of AV and IT problems by remotely rebooting devices from a distance or with the automatic self-healing function (Automatic Reboot) with the help of watchdog

Easy installation: the Expert series design features 19" rack mounting ears for quick and easy installation 


    Key features  

    • 8 ports IEC C13, IEC Lock, safety socket, type G (UK)
    • Event and schedule-controlled switching
    • Energy and residual current metering (RCM) 
    • 2 connectors for optional sensors
    • NTP function can be activated
    • Integrated overvoltage protection (type 3)
    • IPv6, SNMPv3, SSL, Telnet, Radius, Modbus TCP


    • AV environments: huddle rooms, conference rooms, theaters, auditoriums, LED walls or digital signage systems 
    • Industrial environments: Production facilities, warehouses or workshops
    • IT installations: Engineering rooms, data centers, 19 "cabinets or server rooms

    GUDE's full range is available to order from RGB Communications now. Contact our specialists today on 01488 73366 or email sales@rgbcomms.co.uk to find out more.