What is Home Automation without HVAC Integration?

News / 07.06.22

The home automation market is bouncing back from the pandemic. Many AV installers are rebranding themselves as Home Automation companies but seem to go weak at the knees when integration to HVAC is mentioned. Without HVAC integration is it still a fully automated home?

Some of the more experienced AV installers have come to learn that even if you’re not involved in specifying or installing the HVAC you will still be involved in sorting out the issues at the end of the project and that’s guaranteed.

By sorting out the problems, many of these just come down to the way a commercial HVAC contractor treats a large residential project. They assume as the equipment’s the same its just a large commercial building with a luxury finish.

This generally leads to some early fundamental errors created within the design. The AV installer often has to mask over these problems with some cleaver backend programming and bang, you’re involved! From this point the client now has to get two contractors, maybe even three if the package has been split further. Management of problems and maintenance can escalate, and relations often break down.

The Polar Bear Design ethos is to help educate and empower the AV installer to truly understand some of these fundamental issues with HVAC integration. Not only does the Zentium range of pro thermostats address some of the major differences with super prime residential HVAC and commercial installs, but they also offer design support. If you need even more help Polar Bear Design have a number of installers that are more than happy to work in partnership with you to help expand your knowledge and get your first few
 projects underway.

It’s about educating the installer and empowering them with advanced luxury products. With these new products and backing, the AV installer can move fully into becoming a true home automation installation company and start making money from the HVAC integration instead of just being involved as free help.

The Zentium Pro thermostat and UMC controller has been designed with integration in mind. Not only does this platform have compatibility with all the major brands of AV Control systems, but also directly to major Air-Conditioning brands to. This allows an extremely flexible design topology and allows the heating and cooling systems.

The Zentium has native features include, normally these features would need to be custom programmed into a system control system.

Heat Boost, uses heating element in AC unit
Stops heating and Cooling being ON at the same time
Automatic Eco modes
Comfort bathroom floor temperature
Room Temperature Averaging
Control two rooms from one Thermostat
Independent Towel Radiator Control 

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