Take to the stage with AVStumpfl’s range of professional mobile projection screens

News / 25.07.22

Whether it’s a local gig, a corporate event or a concert tour, audiences want to be impressed! So how can you help your customers stand out and build that ground-breaking live show everyone keeps talking about? 

At RGB Communications, we have a range of premium quality professional mobile projection screens from AVStumpfl that will rock your customers next event to deliver a unique immersive experience that will captivate any audience. 

AVStumpfl have over 40 years of experience and a variety of different types of mobile projection screens available that are ideal for live shows and corporate events. Mobile projection screens feature higher picture quality, easier handling, less investment, are compact and lightweight and offer lower operating costs compared to fixed display solutions, too. 

AVStumpfl’s mobile projection screens are portable and can be set-up by a single person. Partnered with a good quality projector, these products are used to create large scale but bright and crisp pictures and can be used frequently with very little maintenance work required. Mobile Projections can be used in a variety of applications including, presentations for corporate or customer events, concerts or tradeshows and mobile cinemas. 

Choosing the right mobile projector for your clients next event

 Vario is AVStumpfl’s original mobile projection screen. It features a modular structure and can be fully customised in a range of sizes and formats by adding or removing plug in elements. It’s accuracy and frame stability, partnered with its lightweight and compact design make it a perfect solution for any event. 

For large scale mobile projection, the Monoblox is the mobile projection screen choice of the world’s leading rental and staging companies. This award-winning screen features a foldable aluminium frame, best picture quality and intuitive operation. The PVC surface can be stretched easily and attached to the frame with virtually invisible snaps for a seamless finish. Monoblox is lightweight, fitting into a small carry case for easy transportation and is quick and easy to set-up.  

For those events that need an ultra-simple screen, the new Monoclip projection screen combines all the advantages of the highly acclaimed Monoblox mobile projection screens with the added advantage of a full clean profile without studs and press snaps.

If you want to take it a step further and just have as screen that shows purely the picture, AVStumpfl’s FullWhite projection screen will make the picture float in space. This innovative projection screen features numerous mounting solutions, can be connected to create projected walls or cubes and can be made to measure due to its modular system. 

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