Become an accredited Savant fundamentals dealer

News / 05.07.22

Offer your customers the best experience in home automation and join our exclusive network of dealers by taking part in our one-day accredited training course and benefit from easy-to-install solutions for a minimal investment.

Why Savant?

Savant is a luxury whole-home automation system that enhances the way people enjoy their homes. Savant’s powerful technology brings the control and integration of lighting, heating, HVAC blinds, entertainment, music and security together into a single system that homeowners love, thanks to its simplicity of control.

How to become a Savant dealer

Simply complete several on-demand online trainingmodules ahead of our one-day Savant Fundamentals Accreditation training course ( 35.00 + VAT) and purchase one of two demonstration kits.*

Accreditation kits:

Kit one: 3.1 system with WISA Soundbar ( 1,350 + VAT)


Kit two: SIPA1 SM and IR buds ( 400 + VAT)

Once accredited, you will have the opportunity to sell a select range of products (see right) and after selling a minimum of 6 systems in 12 months you will be able to register for “Accredited Pro Dealer” training which will allow you to sell the entire product range.

Recoup your costs quickly

To support the offset of your investment, dealers will have access to exclusive promotional bundles. Sell two or more pre-packaged bundles** to recoup your investment and start making profit! Please ask us for more

information on bundles.

*Relevant experience required.

What solutions can a Savant Fundamentals Dealer sell?

Entry Level Host

Pro Remotes

Touch Panels

IP Audio Products

WISA Products

AVB Switch

Passive and IP Speakers

Door Entry

Smart Controllers


**Pre-packaged Bundles

Package RRP  £3,500.00
Normal List  £3,591.28
Difference  £91.28

Package RRP  £4,250.00
Normal List  £4,873.88
Difference  £623.88

5.2 Audio Package
55” WiSA Soundbar with Integrated Host
Freestanding WiSA Surround Speakers in Black
2 x RCC WiSA Subwoofer in Black
Pro Remote X2 in Space Grey

Package RRP  £5,000.00
Normal List  £5,515.18
Difference  £515.18

Distributed Audio Package
4 x Single Zone 125W IP Amplifier with Integrated Host
MOTU 5 Port AVB Switch
Pro Remote X2 in Space Grey

Package RRP  £4,250.00
Normal List  £4,833.74
Difference  £583.74

To learn more about Savant or to book your space contact or call +44(0) 1488 73366.