Nexus 21 - leader in motorised solutions that put technology in motion

News / 08.11.21

Engineered to be the quietest, most reliable and easiest to install mounting solutions on the market, Nexus 21 break down the barriers of conventional design and room orientation with covert integrations for any space.

Nexus 21 precision-engineered, motorised systems are made to last. Designed and engineered in America, Nexus 21 back every unit with the industry’s longest warranty and lifetime technical assistance. Every Nexus 21 TV lift is designed with both professionals and homeowners in mind, to provide the most comprehensive, innovative solutions available. All of this, combined with industry leading customer service and virtually no lead time on orders, make Nexus 21 the number one choice for professionals across the globe.

Why Nexus 21?

  • Easy to spec into projects, simple to install and quick to troubleshoot
  • Short lead times
  • The most cost-effective solution available on the market today 
  • Safety features provide flawless operation and prevent harm to customers and their property
  • Linear actuation technology for smooth and quiet operation
  • The longest and most comprehensive warranty in the industry (10-year warranty on most products)
  • Lifetime maintenance-free products
  • Multiple award-winning, including 15 reputable industry awards since 2014

The Nexus 21 Product Series

  • Pop-up & Swivel TV Lifts
  • Ceiling Drop-Down & Flip-Down TV Lifts
  • Hidden Storage Lifts
  • Motorised TV Wall Mounts
  • Projector Drop-Down Lifts
Pop-Up & Swivel TV Lifts

Nexus 21 pop-up lifts are designed to accommodate a variety of TV screen sizes. They can be built into a custom enclosure or retrofitted into existing cabinetry or millwork.

  • Accommodate up to 90”+ TVs
  • Swivel 360 degrees (select models)
  • Are backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty
  • Can be customized with an array of accessories
  • Feature powder-coated steel components for durability even in outdoor and marine settings

Ceiling Drop-Down & Flip-Down TV Lifts

Ceiling TV lifts are great options for spaces with many windows or other challenging layouts. Instead of mounting the TV on a wall or in a cabinet, quickly and quietly hide it in the ceiling when it’s not in use. 

Flip-Down (CL-65)
The CL-65 flip-down lift is the perfect solution for limited attic space - only requiring 6” of vertical space for installation. 

Drop-Down (L-75i) /
Drop-Down + Motorised Swivel (L-75ix)

For tall ceilings and spaces where you’d like to enjoy multiple viewing angles.

Hidden Storage Lifts

Storage lifts sit above cabinets to display appliances, glassware, or anything a homeowner needs to access quickly and easily; then, with the push of a button, the lift lowers swiftly and quietly, restoring counter space.

Hidden Storage Lifts:

  • Are popular in kitchens, but can be used in an array of settings
  • Features 2 models - AL-125 (weight capacity 125 lbs) and AL-250 (250 lbs)
  • Can be controlled using either a remote or a discrete wired button pad
  • Are backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty

Motorized TV Wall Mounts

Nexus 21 motorized mounts optimize TV positioning with the press of a button. 

Transcend Pro Series

  • Designed for over-mantel placement
  • Features 2 models for in-wall (Pro) or on-wall (Pro Surface) installation
  • 40-degree manual swivel
  • Slim profile for a sleek aesthetic
  • 10-year, full-replacement warranty


  • "Smart Drive" technology prevents damage to the mount when it's moved manually
  • The first motorized wall mount ever created that fits completely in the wall, with an ultra-slim installation profile of 3/4"
  • Ultra-versatile wall box can be mounted either in-wall or on-wall
  • Three-step installation is simple for a single technician
  • Dedicated component-mounting locations and the COBRA Concealed Cable-Management System provide a sleek aesthetic and prevent cable wear and tear
  • 5 year, full-replacement warranty
  • Programmable with up to 3 presets
  • Smooth, quiet motion

Projector Drop-Down Lifts

The Eclipse Series:

  • Conceals residential projectors and lowers them swiftly and quietly with the press of a button.
  • Features 2 models (E-550 and E-750) that accommodate a combined 500+ projector models.Redefines projector concealment with a sleek and quiet design unlike anything else on the market.
  • Is backed by a 10-year, full-replacement warranty.

Nexus 21 is available to order from RGB Communications now, contact our team of experts for further details on 01488 73366 or email