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News / 05.01.21

Artison has been creating high-quality speakers since 2003. Artison and Savant are now working together to deliver premium entertainment solutions with seamless control from the Savant app. 

Dual Centre Speakers

Artison Dual Centre Speakers feature patented center channel technology that delivers clear voices from the middle of the screen. The two enclosures contain four separate cabinets: two Centers, one Left and one Right, creating a clutter-free, three-channel home theater experience. 


Studio Series Soundbars

Artison passive LCR Soundbars deliver superb sound without cluttering the décor. The side-firing driver configuration broadens the soundstage to achieve the dimensionality of a true cinema experience.
Sizes available: 39", 46", 55", 65"

Architectural Speakers

Artison Architectural Speakers are designed to acoustically blend with Artison soundbars and dual-center LCR speakers. They feature an ultra-slim, magnetic micro-frame grille (round or optional square) that blends seamlessly into any décor.


In-ceiling Subwoofers

Built around Savant’s next generation subwoofer speaker technology and sold in pairs, the RCC160 offers the equivalent of two eight-inch subwoofers. With two separate enclosures system designers are allowed to intelligently place each subwoofer where they will provide the smoothest and most accurate bass response. 

In-wall Subwoofers

Discrete power. Artison In-Wall Subwoofers deliver state-of-the-art technology that is designed to be heard and not seen. Easily installed into a standard 2 x 4 stud bay pre or post construction. Custom Long Throw Drivers allow for deep powerful bass from a very small space.


Backpack AVR

Designed to be mounted discretely behind a display, the Nano Backpack AVR delivers big sound in a small form factor. In addition to three HDMI inputs, an analog input and a TOSLINK input, the multi-channel AV receiver delivers 5.1 channels of amplified power for a soundbar, surrounds and an RCA for a sub-woofer.
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