Introducing SurgeX new range of Surge Protectors With Built-In Isolation Transformers

News / 25.09.20

We are delighted to introduce to you the new family of UPS solutions from SurgeX. A new line of UPS surge protectors with built-in isolation transformers, they are designed to eliminate neutral-ground voltage in order to reduce lockups and downtime for sensitive electronic systems and AV equipment.

Available in three models for different applications, the new product line provides enhanced conditioning and battery backup for increased system performance.

All three models in the new line are intended to prevent high-frequency electrical noise and voltage from affecting performance and deliver clean, conditioned power free of harmonics and common mode noise to guarantee optimised performance and reliability.

The rack-mount units are designed to work within environments from 1440 VA to 2760 VA and provide a fast outage response time, 0.9 output power factor with true sine-wave output, advanced SNMP communication capability, user-friendly GUI interface and diagnostics, an auto battery test, and hot-swappable battery. When AC electricity fails, the UPS uses its internal, maintenance-free battery to supply reserved power to connected equipment with a stated 4 milliseconds of transfer time.

Why settle for backup power alone when the SurgeX UPS + Isolation protects your equipment from so much more?

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