Take Home Tech - Your Personal Upgrade Offers from Artnovion

News / 15.05.20

This week we're offering RGB customers 45% off SRP on Artnovion's range of mobile acoustic panels, providing you with a simple and flexible upgrade solution for a productive home office. 

Offer ends Thursday 28th May 2020, contact us today!

Mobile Home Office Kit
Using only 4 mobile walls equipped with our high-performance acoustic absorbers can reduce the room's reverberation time and lower background noise - giving you more privacy and creating a buffer from the rest of the room or house. This sort of environment not only benefits your productivity and focus bus also improves sound quality and intelligibility in webinars or web-meetings, for you and the rest of your team.

Mobile Bass Trap Kit
Artnovion’s new Bass Trap mobile wall kit is dedicated to hi-fi enthusiasts that are looking for a less invasive low-frequency treatment. Installing our tuneable membrane bass traps on this freestanding support allows you to place the panels anywhere in your room and keeps you from having to screw or glue anything on its surfaces. 

Contact us on +44 (0) 1488 73366 or email sales@rgbcomms.co.uk to order today.