Savant new releases from ISE 2020

News / 12.03.20

With over 52,000 people attending ISE in Amsterdam this year, Savant had the chance to showcase a range of innovative smart home products to an eager crowd. 

Missed it? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a round-up of new products and services from Savant that make great additions to their already impressive range – all available from RGB today. 

Savant Smart Audio WiSA Soundbar 55 
Winning the ‘Best of Show’ award at ISE 2020, the Savant Smart Audio Soundbar delivers levels of clarity and detail usually reserved for floor standing-speakers. Featuring a built-in Savant processor to deliver smart home functionality, including all popular streaming music services (including Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn, TIDAL, and more), up to six zones of audio and two zones of video, along with whole-house control of lighting, energy management, climate control and countless other smart devices. Savant Smart Audio speakers are also fully compatible with the Savant Home App for Apple TV and Apple HomeKit featuring Siri control. 


Savant WISA Surround Speakers and Subwoofer

Part of the Smart Audio family are wireless powered surround speakers and the Smart Audio Nano 1X subwoofer. The speakers allow for modular scaling to meet different customers’ sound system needs. The subwoofer delivers clear, powerful low range audio in a small, unobtrusive package. Both products easily integrate with the Smart Audio Soundbar, allowing for a completely immersive experience.

New Service+ Host Packages

Three new Service+ Host packages have been introduced, providing integrators with the traditional Savant Host hardware:

- Savant Service+ Super Pro Host

- Savant Service+ Pro Host

- Savant Service+ Smart Host

These include a 5-year Host hardware warranty, as well as all major software upgrades for 5 years after the initial installation, creating an avenue for integrators to open more dialogue with customers. This allows integration specialists to design and deliver service plans appropriately tailored to each client.

Savant Smart Pro Remote
The Savant Pro Remote has an intuitive interface which has been updated to allow for personalisation on separate remotes, by user or by room. In addition to this, the native voice button can also be configured for Siri voice activation. The perfect blend of hard buttons and touchscreen interface allows users to create screen set ups specific to their needs, providing the most intuitive smart home control experience imaginable.

Savant Adds New Language Support 
Spanish and Simple Chinese localisation has been unveiled as a new feature of the Pro App Smart Home user interface, with more in languages in development. Language localisation enhances both the intuitiveness of the app navigation experience, as well as user creation of Savant Scenes, timers and event notifications. Available to Savant Integrators worldwide, they can now deliver an enhanced experience to clients featuring content in their native languages across all iOS devices. 

KNX Integration

Savant now supports native integration of KNX, a powerful building management protocol similar to BACnet, and has been supported in the past through the use of custom profiles. The new KNX Manager now provides a configuration tool that can map KNX points to Savant entities which greatly simplifies each KNX deployment. 

Watch the Savant highlights reel from ISE to see some our favourite moments from the show below and you can also see images here

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