Fun things to do this summer while you’re social distancing

News / 26.06.20

As we continue social distancing and businesses slowly start to reopen, we still have to take into account that things will not be back to normal for a while.  Yes, the pubs will be opening and we will soon be able to have a haircut. But, in the wake of the Corona virus epidemic, some summer traditions - such as holidays abroad, outdoor concerts and summer camps - may be postponed for everyone’s safety. 

But that doesn’t have to mean the summer holidays for this year have to be a right-off. Try not to think about the summer activities you can’t do, or you feel are unsafe, and focus on the great things you can do with family and friends while you’re at home or social distancing. 

Why not try some of these summer activities and ‘staycation’ ideas that will help to make this year’s summer holidays fun and entertaining, while keeping yourself, your family, and your community safe. 

Things to do at home

Whether you are still furloughed or back at work full-time, there are many activities that would be worth considering that will not only fill up the days ahead, but also encourage family engagement and fun:

  • Family board/table games - Sequence, Yatzee, Newmarket, Balderdash, Cluedo, Monopoly, Risk, Trivial persuit, Scrabble, Snakes & Ladders, Chinese checkers, Rummikub, Poker dice ... 
  • Card games - Crazy Eights, Poker, Rummy, Pinochle, Hearts, Canasta, Blackjack, Bridge, Pig, Cheat, Pitch, Nap, Snap, Solitaire, Spoons, Whist, Go Fish ...
  • Games for 2 - Chess, Backgammon, Noughts & Crosses, Cribbage, Connect 4, Othello ... 
  • Virtual games with family and friends - take a look at our earlier post for some more ideas
  • Arts & crafts - painting, drawing, colouring, Origami, make something out of ...
  • Reading – on your own, taking it in turns to read out loud, why not start a virtual reading club that your kids can do with friends and family 
  • Cooking together or baking lessons – there are some great easy to follow online cook-a-long tutorials on Instagram and Facebook Live 
  • Learn a new hobby – while we’ve all had more free time than usual, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn a new language or instrument
  • Movie nights – start a film club, with each member of the family taking it in turns to pick a film to watch together 
  • Take a virtual field trip – visit a museum, an art gallery, bring the outdoors inside by taking a virtual tour or see animals in the wild in real-time 

Things to do outside

Since lockdown began, we haven’t been short of good weather!  However, with the constraints rightfully put on the population to reduce the spread of the pandemic, getting out other than for a walk or a bike-ride hasn’t been easy.  Now that restrictions are lifting, here are some activities that might be worth trying:

  • Garden games - darts, corn hole, horse shoes, ropes/quiots, babminton, croquet, big versions of Jenga, Connect 4, Chess ...
  • Have a BBQ and eat outside
  • Picnics – a great option for meeting up with friends and family safely that doesn’t involve going to restaurants 
  • Golf – visit the driving range, or have a round. Improve your personal best whilst keeping fit (if you walk) now that the golf clubs are open 
  • Exercise – try cycling, running or walking each day to get some fresh air and to keep fit 
  • Go to the beach – while some beaches will be very busy this summer, try to find a quieter spot to enjoy the sea air. You could even hire a boat! 
  • Gardening – why not grow something to eat? this is a great way to teach your children about food and nature 
  • Camping – set up a tent in your garden or hire a self-contained caravan and set up camp in an outdoor space

Take a trip?

Staycation – depending on restrictions you could rent an Airbnb, canal boat or cabin to enjoy more of the UK but remember to pack plenty of cleaning products to clean the premises when you arrive.

All in all, it has been a challenging time for everyone.  However, in the majority of cases, families have been drawn together.  Wherever possible, try and enjoy this unique opportunity and with restrictions lifting, explore even more of the things that pre-Corona virus, might well have been too time-consuming to enjoy.

We wish you all well and please continue to stay safe and vigilant.