RGB Communications is proud to introduce Artnovion to its brand line-up.

News / 03.10.19

As the acoustic treatment of commercial and residential spaces increases in importance, RGB Communications is delighted to announce the addition to its brand line up of Artnovion,  a company with a deep understanding of how to control sound via its comprehensive, inventive and attractive room treatments.

Acoustic treatment improves the quality of sound in any room by reducing the interaction of the source with the room itself.  Treatments include removing reflections, reducing echo, nullifying bass boom and/or reverberation, whilst, at the same time, greatly improving the sound you do want to hear. It can also be used to eliminate sound pollution from one room to another room.

Artnovion’s considerable achievements are driven by a passion for the very best acoustics, performance and the company’s desire to deliver an amazing customer experience every time. With a highly qualified team, Artnovion strives to push the boundaries of premium acoustic engineering to create a unique collection of highly attractive, cost-effective and environmentally conscious range of high-performing products.

With a huge range of solutions for both residential and commercial installations, including unique diffusers, absorbers, insulation and bass treatment products, Artnovion offers a wide-range of products dedicated to improving the sound environment in any location

In residential spaces, you can offer your customers a whole new level of experience for home cinema rooms, music and Hi-Fi rooms and even open-plan living areas, if they are properly treated. Products include their tuneable bass traps, a fine-tuneable device with unprecedented performance, and a range of absorption and diffusion products to offer advanced acoustics in an array of striking designs. 

Artnovion also has a huge range of products for commercial buildings, all designed specifically for these types of environment. The ranges cover the Pro Studio world, including the exclusive Signature Line created by Jan Morel, world renowned studio designer. The range can also deliver solutions for offices, galleries, retail and any place where controlled audio is important. 

The Artnovion Impulso App, an easy-to-use app for iOS devices, also allows you to measure any room and advises on which products to use. Fitting of each solution is also made simple, with Artnovion able to supply all mounting brackets with each package.

Click here for to visit the Artnovion website.

Contact the sales team on 01488 73366 for more information and to place your order.