Vaddio: The Art Of Easy 21st Century Communication

News / 12.11.19

RGB Communications offers the art of easy video conferencing and communication with Vaddio. 

Vadio is the manufacturer of PTZ cameras, professional AV solutions and a suite of unified communication and collaboration products for the AV, video conference and broadcast marketplaces.

As work and communication needs to evolve to support the requirements of the 21st century, many organisations across a range of sectors are looking for ways to make their communications more effective, engaging and efficient. Vaddio stands ready to deliver the tools companies and organisations need to make this happen, in user friendly and relevant ways.  

The innovative products and partner-focused practices at Vaddio provide opportunity for integrators to win business into these exciting new sectors. With industry-leading warranties, one-year advance replacement, and expert technical support, not to mention RGB’s own knowledgeable team, installers have the best in the business to back them up should assistance be required. 

Vaddio believes controlling all aspects of product development is key to delivering high-quality, reliable solutions that keep customers from experiencing any difficulties or down time. The company’s philosophy is that better products stem from better ideas, and that those ideas often come from integrators in the field and their customers. Vaddio’s commitment to building innovative solutions that solve real-world problems can be seen in all of the manufacturer’s products and solutions.  

Expanding market opportunities 
Vaddio’s products are installed in some of some of the most exacting companies in the world including Coca Cola and Microsoft, so installers can be sure they are up to dealing with the most demanding of environments.

In education, Vaddio’s technology is used in the fast-growing lecture capture and streaming marketplace. The company’s products are installed at some of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the world, including Harvard and Stanford - as well as hundreds of smaller community colleges and state schools.

Healthcare is traditionally a hands-on practice, but video conferencing and HD cameras are changing this model. Video conferencing can now connect a doctor and patient separated by distance. HD cameras are aiding surgeons during complex procedures to monitor a patient’s vital signs. University and private hospital research labs are also using video technology to teach, collaborate and distribute information.

In the live entertainment sector, there is also a role for the technology as, thanks to HD video, the audience now has a front row seat at many arena, stadium, theatre and museum events. Live concerts and sporting events are also streamed over the internet and educational programs and panel discussions can be archived in a library.

In the hospitality sector, hotels, nightclubs and bars are using video to help bring their experience to life through live video feeds. Computer-generated images, advertising, logos, daily specials and upcoming events can also be incorporated. Whether it’s a dance floor in a club, or a spectacular behind the bar display, video can be projected for local or remote presentations to enhance the experience at any type of venue.

Always on the move
Vaddio is a prolific and inventive manufacturer. One of its latest releases is the RoboSHOT Elite Camera with NewTek NDI, a technology that allows video systems to automatically detect and communicate with one another over IP, enabling video workflows across Ethernet networks. This solution premieres its high bandwidth NDI PTZ camera to the market and offers low latency, high quality, and best performance in the NDI ecosystem. As an NDI-enabled camera, it uses a higher bandwidth than the high efficiency/low bandwidth NDI|HX stream. The RoboSHOT 30E NDI Camera video source is recognised by other NDI-enabled applications and devices connected to a standard local area network. In addition, the camera’s pan/tilt/zoom and other controls can be accessed through NDI, creating a complete IP workflow for operator control.

Vaddio also recently released its HuddleSHOT Conferencing Camera, anall-in-one conferencing camera with integrated audio and an ultra-wide field of view, representing the maker’s newest solution optimised for the expanding huddle space market. It offers plug and play simplicity, robust stereo speakers, built-in microphones, modern aesthetics and remote management features.

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