Savant 9.1 Update Now Available

News / 05.08.19

We are delighted to announce that the highly anticipated Savant 9.1 update is now available on all new products, featuring the crucial KNX Management protocol and more...

What's New?

KNX Manager
KNX is a building management protocol similar to BACnet, and has been supported in the past through the use of custom profiles. The new KNX Manager added to Blueprint provides a configuration tool that can map KNX points to Savant entities which will greatly simplify each KNX deployment.

New IP Apple TV Integration Delivers SIRI Voice Control
IP integration with Apple TV, including Siri voice control of key commands, delivers secure, user-activated voice control. Plus IP Apple TV Integration delivers Apple HomeKit integration with hundreds of smart home devices. Compatible with Single-Room Wi-Fi and Multi-Room Wi-Fi Pro Remotes.

Take Personalisation to the Next Level 
Only Savant delivers personalisation features right down to the remote control. The Pro Remote can now be optimised for both simple applications, like watching TV, or for advanced, power users who want access to everything. New Single Screen Mode keeps favorite services, favourite channels, and scenes right on the Home page.

Now Every Home Can Be a Savant Home
Introducing the newest 46 & 55 inch members of our IP audio soundbar family. Delivering the finest 2-Channel audio experience plus host capabilities for up to 6 rooms of audio and 2 rooms of video. With built in control ports and a stream of Savant Music, a single room of Savant has never been easier.

Premium IP Video Experience for Everyone
Now you can add Savant IP Video technology to any Smart Hostinstallation. Delivering pristine, pixel perfect 4K60 4:4:4 HDR videowith zero-frame latency to even more of your clients.

Single Zone Audio Now-Playing 
Introducing Savant's all-in-one, single-zone audio solution. Along with 125 watts per channel, high-fidelity performance, the new IP Audio 1 delivers integrated control ports as well as a single-source of Savant Music.  New IP Audio 1 and IP Audio 125 now include dialed in DSP settings maximizing for Artison and Savant speaker performance right out-of-the-box.

Savant New Service+ Host
Introducing the Savant new Service+ Hosts. Delivering integrators a simple way to offer end users an extended service plan for their Savant Smart, Pro, and Super Pro Hosts. The new Service+ Host program will include a 5 year Hardware Warranty on Savant Hosts plus major software upgrades.

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