Great Deal on Artison Soundbars

News / 17.04.19

50% off MSRP for all Soundbars for orders placed and delivered in April.

Call Sales on 01488 73366 or use the link below to start shopping.

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About Artison Studio Soundbars 

Artison LCR Soundbars deliver superb sound without cluttering your decor. 

The side-firing driver configuration broadens the sound stage to achieve the dimensionality of a true Cinema experience.

Designed with a slim-profile aluminium enclosure and bracket.

Artison Studio Soundbars attach to any flat-panel display, ensuring audio and video remain integrated - even when the system is installed on an articulated arm.

Grilles are custom-made to align with the width of your display, not the speakers; allowing for short lead times, consistent sound quality, and displays that can be updated without requiring new speakers.