Canon UK - New Product Announcement

News / 04.12.18

The 4K5020Z and LX-MH502Z, two easy-to-use installation projectors delivering incredible 4K resolution.  

The 4K5020Z is the world’s most compact and light-weight chassis yet, delivering 5,000 lumens of brightness. 

This interchangeable-lens projector enables unrivalled image quality thanks to the newly developed RS-SL07RST, a 4K lens which utilises Canon’s most advanced lens glass, for powerful and accurate optics. 

Further boosting Canon’s projector portfolio, the LX-MH502Z is an affordable, best in class DLP laser projector, using innovative pixel shifting technology to easily achieve 4K UHD resolution.

XEED 4K5020Z

A high brightness, compact LCOS laser 4K projector with excellent colour ability.

For professionals and businesses looking for superior 4K colour quality, with low total cost of ownership, the XEED 4K5020Z offers 5,000 lumens brightness, HDMI connectivity and a 4K Canon lens for superb results. 

Low total cost of ownership 

∙ 20,000 hours in normal mode for minimal maintenance

∙ Laser light allows for constant operation

∙ 5 year warranty

∙ Scheduling function offers automated operation for 12 months

High image quality and brightness 

∙ Laser phosphor light source and LCOS technology gives 5,000 lumen colour brightness 

∙ Bright and accurate colours with multiple image settings including DICOM sim and portrait mode

∙ Image processor delivers high quality processing for projection and video playback

∙ Wide colour gamut covering the sRGB colour space for accurate image reproduction

∙ 4096 x 2160 native 4K resolution plus 2x HDMI inputs for 4K/60p video plus HDR

Easy to install with compact, lightweight design 

∙ Smallest and lightest 4K LCOS projector on the market at only 18kg

∙ Can be installed in any 360-degree orientation, portrait or landscape format

∙ Motorised Canon lens offers huge lens shift for flexible installation

Powerful and accurate optical technology 

∙ Laser light source and yellow phosphor for excellent colour reproduction

∙ New Canon 4K glass lens with a 1.76x motorised zoom and huge +/-73% lens shift

∙ Marginal focus function for excellent results when projected on domed or curved surfaces

∙ Choice of seven optional interchangeable lenses

Simple to use and maintain 

∙ Inputs can be programmed to be selected automatically along with lens position and calibration

∙ Operate projector from iPad or iPhone through Canon service tool app for even greater flexibility

∙ 5-year/12,000 hours warranty and free next day loan unit should the projector develop a fault

RS-SL07RST 4K Lens

Newly developed RS-SL07RST, a 4K lens which utilises Canon’s most advanced lens glass, for powerful and accurate optics.


A compact, high brightness, installation DLP laser projector boasting 4K UHD quality.

Offering 4K UHD resolution, the LX-MH502Z boasts 5,000 lumens for clear, sharp projection and minimal maintenance thanks to a 20,000 hour lifespan plus two HDMI inputs and HDBaseT for easy installation. 

Low total cost of ownership

With 20,000 hours in 'normal' mode the projector requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for big screen environments. A laser phosphor light source allows for continuous 24/7 operation with minimal maintenance backed up by a 5 year/12,000 hours warranty plus free next-day loan unit if needed.     

Easy to install compact 4K DLP projector

Compact and lightweight, weighing 8.9Kg, the LX-MH502Z is versatile and easy to use thanks to two HDMI ports plus HDBaseT for flexible and efficient networking. With no constraints in the angle of installation and a high-resolution 1080p DLP panel and pixel shift technology, 4K UHD resolution is achieved.

High brightness and high image quality

The laser phosphor light source and colour wheel technology provides a stunning 5,000 lumen brightness with exceptional contrast for bright, clear and superbly accurate colour across all types of media with multiple image settings (including DICOM sim mode) and portrait mode for digital signage. 

Powerful and accurate optical technology

The LX-MH502Z offers native 4K UHD resolution with a blue laser diode light source and yellow phosphor wheel providing excellent light output and image quality from a 1.6x zoom offering vertical and horizontal shift. A sophisticated image processor performs high quality processing for accurate projection.

Simple to use and easy to maintain 

Because the LX-MH502Z is a laser projector and does not use a lamp, there is no dust filter, making it easier to maintain for long periods with just periodic cleaning the exhaust vents needed. A quick on/off power function enables instant performance while an eco mode ensures longer lasting operation