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Fibre has been around for a long time, but only recently with the increasing demand for greater bandwidth, distance and future proof cabling, is now becoming much more relevant to the A/V industry. 

Until the advent of Cleerline SSF cabling, the idea of using fibre has, in the main, been avoided. You couldn’t bend it or pull it and terminating it was difficult. Now you can and it isn’t; Cleerline SSF fibre optic cable simplifies and improves the process of fibre optic termination. There have been many advancements in the technology of fibre optic connectors over recent decades. Cleerline SSF fibre now adds to this equation increasing the speed (you can terminate an end in under 90 seconds), safety, efficiency, and reducing the tooling involved in terminating fibre optic cable. Cleerline SSF fibre is compatible with all common connector systems on the market for standard 50/125 multimode and 9/125 single mode fibres.

Warranty - Lifetime.

RGB are their distributor in the UK & Eire and have been so since June 2017.