Projectors and Projection Screens

AVStumpfl - projection screens

AV Stumpfl GmbH, manufacture projections screens. And have done so since 1975. 

Their products are designed and engineered to meet the needs of; installers – needing easy access to a huge range of high quality, flexible, easy to install, stocked and custom format (both flat and curved) screens that do not have to be sourced from the USA. Rental & Staging – the ultimate in mobile, rugged, flexible & quick to install screens. Owners – who just want the best quality solution, and images that blend into their environment.

Made to order screens may not be available to order through the basket. 

Warranty: Screens. Structure 5 years, material 2 years.

RGB are their distributor in the UK & Eire, and have been since February 2016.

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Barco - projectors & image processing

Barco is an industry leading manufacturer of projection and image processing equipment for the rental and staging, live events, commercial and education markets. Their projectors feature both high resolution and high brightness making them perfect for professional applications where image quality and/or high brightness is demanded.

All Barco projectors use DLP technology for unrivalled reliability and durability. Their image processing products utilise industry leading scaling technology enabling the conversion of any signal format and resolution into any other signal format and resolution. Additionally, switching equipment allowing multiple picture-in-picture over single or blended projected images are ideal tools for live events and the more demanding boardroom or collaboration environment.

Warranty: Image processing 3 years, projectors 2 years, projector light engines 12 months.

RGB distribute Barco’s range of high end, large venue projectors and image processing products within the UK & Eire. We do not distribute their mid-range/lower end projectors or Clickshare products.


RGB are their distributor in the UK & Eire, and have been since March 2009.

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Canon - Projectors and PTZ Camera's

From classrooms to large auditoriums, Canon offers a complete range of multimedia projectors to cater for every environment and business need. Providing the perfect blend of illumination and optical excellence into a compact, easy-to-use package, Canon's XEED LCOS Projectors are impressively cost-effective and present in high-definition. 


With revolutionary LCOS technology and superior Canon optics, LCOS projectors represent the ultimate in crisp, high-impact projection. Canon’s ultra-portable, high-resolution projectors have full HD support redefining image quality for projection. With features in select projectors such as advanced colour management system, HDMI, photo image mode, home cinema mode, and powered zoom lens: the LCOS projectors help you experience images in a whole new-and colourful-light.

Warranty: 3 years RTD,


RGB are their distributor in the UK & Eire, and have been since May 2011.

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DA-Lite - projection screens, lifts & furniture

The Da-Lite Screen Company is a leading producer of high quality commercial and residential projection screens. 

Founded in 1909, Da-Lite manufactures projection screens and accessories for Fortune 500 companies, entertainment and major broadcast networks, education systems and governments around the globe. Da-Lite’s proprietary screen technologies are specified for the most demanding installations from military training simulators to boardrooms and classrooms to home cinemas.

Warranty: Screens 5 years, camara components 2 years, Polacoat in-wall rear projection 10 years.

RGB is the Da-Lite distributor for the UK & Eire, and has been since October 2019.

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Projecta - fixed projection screens

Projecta is Europe’s leading manufacturer of high quality projection screens and AV furniture and formulates and develops proprietary projection surfaces to ensure a surface for any application with a constant high quality.

Projecta's product range includes: Parallax projection technology that features an advanced optical lens system that rejects light, rather than only diffusing light, Tensioned Descender Electrol, which is considered one of the most comprehensive ceiling-recessed projection screens on the market and FullVision, a borderless, low-profile fixed frame screen that allows the entire surface to be used for projection.

Warranty: DescenderPro and Elpro Concept - 5 years.  All other products 2 years.

RGB is the Projecta distributor in the UK & Eire, and has been since October 2019.

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