RGB’s product portfolio is made up of carefully selected, thoroughly evaluated, technical products with added value. Through over 25years industry experience with integrated AV, RGB are able to offer flexible and scalable solutions for Residential, Commercial and Hire/Events applications with a true understanding of the real capabilities of the products. Each of the below manufacturers offer something different to ensure you are offering the best solutions and technologies to your customers.

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RGB’s outlet provides dealers with discounted pricing on a wide variety of new, used, discontinued and ex-demo product.

Full manufacturer's remaining warranty or a minimum of 90 days unless otherwise specified.

Available on a "first come first serve basis".

Grade A stock (Brand New ) and Grade B clearance stock (used and ex-demo) available.

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Adept Audio - speakers

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Conceived by the innovative team at Origin Acoustics, Adept-Audio started life focused on the Security and Electrician market in the US, before expanding worldwide. It utilises the tool-less installation system from Origin, and has a focused line up that fits all the 6.5 and 8 inch speakers into the same cutout size, and has a stated goal of bringing crisp, luxurious audio to all.

RGB are their exclusive distributor for the UK & Eire CI market and have been since June 2023.

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Artison - speakers

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Artison, a specialist loudspeaker manufacturer since 2003, offer a unique range of audio solutions, including dual-channel 'left, centre, right' speakers that eliminate the need for a separate centre speaker, discreet soundbars, architectural in-wall/ceiling speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. Their warranty covers speakers, crossovers, and cabinet components for 5 years and powered electronic components for 2 years. 

Since Artison's acquisition by Savant Systems in August 2017, RGB has been the exclusive distributor for Artison in the UK, Eire, and Europe.



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Artnovion - bespoke acoustic treatments

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Artnovion is a global leader in innovative acoustic solutions. Their products seamlessly blend cutting-edge design with high-quality materials, offering customisation options to meet your unique needs. Excelling in sound control, enhancing acoustic comfort in various spaces and offering personalised designs that plan and configure acoustic treatment projects. With a comprehensive range and collaborations with acoustic experts, our treatments guarantee proven performance. Choose Artnovion for visually appealing, effective, and sustainable acoustic solutions that elevate sound quality and comfort worldwide.

RGB is the exclusive Artnovion UK distributor , and have been since October 2019.




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AVStumpfl - projection screens

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Since 1975, AV Stumpfl GmbH has been a leading manufacturer of projection screens, offering installers high-quality and easy-to-install screens. Customers seeking top-tier quality and seamless image integration find the perfect solution here. AV Stumpfl backs up their products with a 5 year warranty for screen structures and a 2 year warranty for materials. 


RGB Communications has been a distributor for the UK and Eire markets since February 2016, ensuring exceptional screens to everyone.

Made to order screens may not be available to order through the basket. 


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BPC - power management

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Established in 1996 and headquartered in Romsey, BPC Energy has grown into a trusted provider of power protective solutions and services. Their comprehensive product portfolio includes UPS systems, Energy Lighting Systems, Frequency and Voltage Converters, and Central Battery Systems, ensuring reliable and efficient energy management for businesses and organisations. 


RGB are their exclusive distributor for the UK CI and Commercial AV markets, and have been since November 2022.



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Canon - PTZ Camera's

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anon, established in 1937, specialises in crafting an extensive lineup of 4K remote pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras renowned for their exceptional image quality and meticulous control. Canon also support the latest cutting-edge applications such as Auto Tracking* which can add the additional automated element to your production.

RGB are their distributor in the UK & Eire, and have been since May 2011.




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Chief - display mounts

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Chief is committed to meeting the dynamic needs of the commercial and residential markets, offering a comprehensive selection of mounts and accessories designed for TVs, displays, projectors and various AV components. Chief’s dedication is matched by their 2-year warranty. 


Since July 2019, RGB has proudly represented Chief as one of their professional audio distributors in the UK and Eire markets.

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ClearOne - audio conferencing

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ClearOne is a renowned manufacturer specialising in cutting-edge audio and video conferencing solutions. With a rich history of innovation dating back to 1993, they have consistently earned prestigious awards for their exceptional products. Among their latest breakthroughs are the award-winning Dialog® UVHF Wireless Microphone and the BMA 360D featuring Dante technology. They also offer a wide range of support and training through ClearOne University.

RGB are their professional audio distributor in the UK & Eire, and have been since April 2003.



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DA-Lite - projection screens, lifts & furniture

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Founded in 1909, Da-Lite is a global leader in high-quality commercial and residential projection screens. With a range of screen technologies suitable for various installations, from military training simulations to home theatres, Da-Lite has an extensive product line up. They offer generous warranties - including 5 years for screens, 2 years for camera accessories, and 10 years for Polacoat in-wall rear projection screens.


RGB Communications has been a distributor for Da-Lite in the UK and Eire since October 2016. 



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Devialet - speakers

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Devialet specialize in the design and manufacturing of high-end audio systems. The company was founded in 2007 and is known for its innovative and cutting-edge technology, particularly their patented ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid) amplification system, which combines the benefits of both digital and analog amplification to produce exceptionally high-quality sound. Devialet's products range from compact speakers to state-of-the-art amplifiers, and a range of accessories to make the most out of your space.

RGB are their exclusive distributor for the CI market and have been since May 2023.

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GUDE - power management & monitoring

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GUDE Systems GmbH, a family-run manufacturer with over 30 years of experience, creates innovative ICT equipment for optimising infrastructure in network, server, and media racks. GUDE’s products include intelligent Power Distribution Units, LAN Sensors, and radio clock systems, with a minimum 2-year warranty, extendable to 3,4 or 5 years. In this world of high energy costs, GUDE’s intelligent PDUs are of particular relevance to companies and organisations with a carbon neutral strategy.


RGB Communications has been the UK distributor since September 2021.

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Humly - space management

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Boasting industry leading smart workplace solutions, Humly offers products including the Room Display and flexible Booking Devices. Their mission is to simplify office space management, particularly in the modern hybrid workspace, and provide seamless room reservations, real-time occupancy information and a more efficient and user-friendly experience for employees and visitors.

RGB is the exclusive Humly UK distributor for the Pro-AV/Commercial AV industries, and have been since September 2022.



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IC Realtime - CCTV cameras

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Established in 2006, IC Realtime stands as a prominent digital surveillance manufacturer that caters to all industries. With an extensive array of surveillance solutions in their product lineup, IC Realtime continuously distributes and provides global video technology support. Their most recent innovations in the camera and recorder industry now offer Artificial Intelligence and deep learning capabilities.


Since April 2021, RGB Communications has been IC Realtime’s exclusive distributor in the UK.

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Kramer - signal management

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Kramer, an industry leader since 1981, offers top-quality, affordable AV connectivity solutions. Their extensive product range includes switchers, matrix switchers, amplifiers, scalers, cables, control systems, and AV over IP solutions. Kramer is committed to deliver reliable and high-performance products that provide exceptional value to customers, with a 7-year warranty on most products and 1 to 3-year warranties on specific items.


RGB Communications has been a distributor for Kramer in the UK and Eire since 1993.









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Lande - equipment racks

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Formed in 2012, Lande manufactures a superb range of competitively priced premium-quality 19” racks, enclosures and accessories. Engineered with precision and offering robust, space-efficient, scalable options, organisations seeking top-tier infrastructure support need to look no further. Their commitment to innovation and adaptability ensure they are a go-to choice for businesses looking to optimise with guaranteed reliability and style.

RGB are their exclusive distributor in the UK & Eire and have been since June 2018.



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Lutron - lighting control & bespoke blinds

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Lutron, formed in 1961, is the world’s best known designer and manufacturer of lighting controls, architectural lighting control systems and blinds. As the inventors of the solid-state dimming, Lutron is the most recognised and requested brand within the lighting control industry. They continue to innovate, with their latest battery powered blinds taking the industry by storm. With customisable faceplates and finishes, their offerings can be truly unique to your customer.

RGB are their distributor in the UK & Eire, and have been since April 1999.

Made to order Lutron blinds may not be available to order through the basket. 

Warranty: 2 years - in practice Lutron will replace products rather than repair them. HomeWork’s systems has an 8 'Limited' warranty.


Beyond specifying and delivering Lutron’s products, RGB also offer on-site commissioning of Lutron's lighting products. All Lutron lighting systems that have had commissioning carried out by RGB is covered by a limited 8 year warranty. RGB also offer an on-site measuring and installation service for Lutron's blinds, Please ask for details. RGB also offer dealer training courses. Please see the Training section for details.

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Metra Electronics - HDMi cabling

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Established in the 1940s, Metra AV (now known as Ethereal), is a prominent US cable product manufacturer for home and AV applications. Their product range mainly consists of HDMI and audio cables. The products are categorised based on their ability to transmit various 4K signals like UHD and HDR, which is certified by DP Labs - over distance. For peace of mind, Metra offers an unlimited lifetime warranty. 


RGB has been a distributor in the UK and Eire regions since March 2018.




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Middle Atlantic - equipment racks

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Since 1979 Middle Atlantic Products have been manufacturing support and protection solutions in the form of racks, enclosures and flat screen mounts. They are an industry leading provider, famed for their dedication to durability, flexibility and seamless integration into any environment. Their commitment to quality and innovation has secured their spot and one of the most trusted names in the AV industry.

RGB are their distributor in the UK & Eire, and have been since January 2004.

Beyond specifying and delivering Middle Atlantic’s products, RGB also offer custom face plates which provide the finishing touch to your rack. This innovation means that virtually any component can be installed in a standard 19” enclosure without modification. Cut to provide a perfect opening for the face of the component that is being mounted, each unit provides a neatly-trimmed installation with a perfect fit and no gaps. RGB offer a free component measuring service and a database of over 8500 template designs.and dealer training. Please ask for details.

RGB also offer dealer training at our premises and on site. Please see the Training section for more details.


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Netgear - networking solutions

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NETGEAR provides groundbreaking networking solutions that seamlessly connect individuals and empower businesses. They extend a suite of networking, storage and security solutions that sidestep the expense often associated with enterprise IT. 


Since August 2019, RGB has proudly been a NETGEAR distributor in the UK and Eire regions.


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Nexus 21 - TV lifts and mounts

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Nexus 21 is a leading manufacturer of motorised solutions for concealing and revealing technology. Featured in a variety of home renovation shows including the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge, their high quality, quiet products are quickly growing in popularity. Their innovation solutions offer elegance and practicality, allowing for space optimisation and unobtrusive technology innovation.

RGB are their distributor in the UK have been since April 2021. 

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Penn Elcom - equipment racks

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Penn Elcom, founded in 1980, is a UK-based manufacturer of quality flight cases, speaker cabinet hardware and 19 inch racking solutions. Trusted by AV professionals for their durability, precision and versatility, Penn Elcom has become a go-to brand for those seeking reliable solutions to protect and transport valuable AV equipment.

RGB has been their distributor in the UK & Eire Markets since January 2020.

RGB offers custom face plates which provide the finishing touch to your rack. This innovation means that virtually any component can be installed in a standard 19” enclosure without modification.

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Polar Bear Design - thermostats and keypads

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Since 2001, Polar Bear Design have been developing products and solutions focused on delivering the best in class. Their thermostats and keypads, designed specifically for the luxury AV and home automation sectors, include the Zentium and Ursium. Their products are designed to seamlessly integrate with other leading manufacturers.


RGB are their exclusive distributor for the CI market and have been since March 2022.

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Purelink - cabling solutions

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PureLink GmbH specialise in the development and manufacturing of high-quality AV connectivity solutions. Known for their reputation in innovation and reliability, they offer a diverse product portfolio catering to a variety of applications and industries. They offer HDMI cables with a patent locking mechanism, signal management tools, digital signage solutions, comprehensive USB solutions, AV connections, and more. Consistently expect top-notch quality in your connectivity solutions with PureLink.

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QMotion - bespoke blinds

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QMotion were founded in 2013 and provide advanced shading systems, specialising in wireless window covering solutions for both the residential and commercial markets. Their motorised shades stand out as being quiet, sleek and effortless and offer precise management of natural light, energy efficiency and privacy. Their dedication to blending style and function seamlessly have brought them much success within the market.

RGB are their distributor in the UK & Eire, and have been since January 2017.

Made to order blinds may not be available to order through the basket. 

Beyond specifying and delivering Qmotion’s products, RGB also offer on-site measuring and installation. Please ask for details.


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Savant - control, multi-room audio & speakers

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Savant Systems has been a renowned leader in luxury home control and automation since 2005. Their professional technology seamlessly integrates climate, lighting, entertainment, and energy control into one user-friendly interface which is available through iOS and Android. Savant’s products cater to homeowners seeking an intuitive interface for a whole-home control system. Select Savant Systems for your home automation needs for their remote accessibility, seamless integration, customisation, and high-quality components.


With a 2-year warranty, Savant Europe (a sub-division of RGB) is the exclusive distributor in the UK, Europe and Eire markets, offering additional services like dealer training and support since March 2011.

Beyond specifying and delivering Savant’s products, RGB also offer a range of dealer training and professional services, including; Custom Development & Design, Graphics, TrueImage Theme Creation and Quick Turn-around Component Profiles. Please ask for details.


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Vaddio - cameras, conferencing & AV systems

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Vaddio is a leader in PTZ cameras, professional AV solutions, and UCC products for audiovisual, videoconferencing, and broadcast industries. Their solutions offer top-tier performance with easy installation and user-friendly design. Backed by industry leading support, their product range includes various camera, switching and streaming products, all designed to elevate the AV experience through seamless communication, with a warranty of 2 years.


RGB has been the distributor in the UK & Eire regions since October 2019 for Vaddio.





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